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Web Development Trends to Find a Greater Appeal in 2018

With January around the corner and New Year arriving in exactly 9 days, we would like to inform you that our web experts are digging out some promising website development trends that are more likely to gain popularity in 2018 –

Single page websites:-

Owing to their simplistic approach and ease of use, the Single page websites have already created a huge buzz the world across. This popularity is expected to reach a whole new height in 2018. These websites are absolutely free of any clutter with all the content presented on a single page. The single page sites are known to keep the audiences away from any complications like multiple numbers of pages, multi-level menu, tons of texts, etc. Even though, the single page sites are not ideal for the online stores, the companies or individuals can give them a shot to ensure the better user engagements.

Push notifications:-

The mobile push notifications have been shown to increase user engagements immensely. Even though, legions of websites have been tapping into this trend over the past few years, the biggest upsurge in push notifications will take place in 2018. Push notification has benefits galore. One of its major benefits is the fact that it keeps the users updated always. In fact, push notifications can throw a stiff competition to the social media and email in terms of updating the users. For those companies that are looking to stay abreast of the competition in 2018, push notifications will be a great boon.

Customer service/care chatbots:-

For the past two years (read 2016 and 2017) the customer care chatbots have been the staple mainstream. Prediction states that by the year 2020, almost 70% customer interaction will occur minus any human involvements. It means that the customer service/care chatbots should turn into an essential aspect of every website by 2018. As, today the consumers have become excessively demanding and want their issues to be resolved instantly, the customer service/care chatbots should top the priority lists of web development service providers.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):-

Owing to a visible upsurge in mobile usage, the essentiality of building a responsive website has gone off on a high note. About half of the world’s entire population is active on the Internet today, and cent percent of them use mobile phones to browse different websites. If you do not want to live under the rock, then consider investing in a responsive website. If your website is already responsive, then ensure that you optimize it for a better speed. The users are more likely to step back if a website loads slow. Google has recently introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages to improve the users’ mobile search experiences. Also, the AMPed is at least 4 times faster than the conventional mobile optimized pages.

Progressive web application:-

Not widely known, the progressive web apps refer to the websites, which look similar to the native mobile applications. Introduced in 2015, the concept of progressive web apps are anticipated to compete for the native mobile applications in the year 2018. The best advantage of using progressive web apps is that one can work on it without any Internet connection. This said, it can maximize conversion rate by enabling the users to browse the Internet even when they are not connected to the Internet. However, despite being a relatively new technology, the progressive web application will continue to progress in 2018.

Static website:-

These days, the websites are gearing up to return to their roots as the static sites are swiftly making their headways, leaving the dynamic ones at the backburner. The static web development strategies allow combining the core advantages of CMS and a static website. According to the eminent web development service providers, with its fast-loading and cost-effective approach, the static websites will be back with a bang in 2018.

Motion UI:-

Motion UI will emerge as a popular web development trend in 2018. With help of it, one can keep a site simply because a large number of users are tired of the flashing ads and GIFs. This is the reason why, more web developers are counting on Motion UI to gather maximum accolades. So, it won’t be exaggerating to proclaim that in 2018, this trend will take the web development industry by storm.


The blockchain is considered to be a highly effective method of the collective data storage. There are an array of computers all across the globe, that have a lot of information preserved in them. All these data are generally decentralized. Blockchain can proffer an optimum security in this regard. The prime advantage is that there are no intermediaries between the transactions. This is expected that blockchains will be a popular web development trend in 2018.

Augmented Reality:-

Augmented Reality is an extremely easy, prompt, and interactive web app development trend. When applied to the mobile devices, it aids the marketers to tap into their target audiences. All the famous social platforms have already integrated AR. So, it won’t be wrong to predict that Augmented Reality will create a buzz in 2018.

Wrapping up:-

In this blog, we have tried to dig out some of the most quintessential web development trends for 2018. Hope, this was an engaging read. Stay tuned for more such blog posts.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 22nd December, 2017.


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