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The mobile website and app which one is suitable for business?

Through decades, our industry and the consumers have only one simple question. What is the basic difference between the mobile website and app? In many ways, we are still trying to frame the question to the consumers.For example, we are wondering that should we debate on the advantages of the native vs web or native vs HTML5.Both mobile apps and mobile websites offer responsive user – experience to the users. Mobile usage has actually exploded in a world and the main aim is to make the website user – friendly. The mobile development company in the USA is hosted by the professionals where the main aim is to offer best and unique services to the users in the long run.To mainly decide, here are the difference which would help you to judge which one would benefit you in business.

What is a mobile website ?
A mobile website is mainly a separate version of the desktop website and it is mainly used in the smartphone devices. It also includes the limited number of the pages on the desktop version in which it can actually link to the fully desktop website so that the visitors can also have additional information as well. When the smartphone users come to their website an auto detect would recognize the website and actually find an additional website. In fact, a mobile website should actually be are the responsively designed website which is applicable for any device be it desktop, smartphones or may be tablets.Here, rather than creating a separate website for the mobile users the content on the responsive website is very much fit for any screen and be any size of the device. Google mainly recommends using a responsively designed website as it builds mobile – friendly websites and offers excellent user experiences. It also offers consistent brand experience to the users whether the customers are visiting for the color scheme, call to action or for the content that is displayed on the website.

Benefits of mobile website :

★ Mobile websites are accessible on all kinds of platforms like Android, ios, and Windows etc.

★ It is much cheaper and faster. In fact, it is easier to convert the current website into a mobile website.

★ In fact, a mobile website can easily be embed into an app.

★ It can easily be accessed through internet searches and web links into the browsers.

★ It is most accessible and takes less time in downloading.

What is the mobile app?
The mobile app is available for download and also for the use of the smartphones and also on tablets. They are downloaded and installed properly better than being used on the web browser. The advantages that the users get is that they do not need internet access to use the app. To mainly download the app the users mainly go through several portals like Android market,blackberry app world, and apple app store in order to locate and download an app from specific locations. The mobile app is paid or it can be downloaded for free from the app store. The benefits of the app are that the users can use some of the key features of the mobile like the camera, GPS and can also create push notifications for any kind of business reminders and meetings.

Benefits of mobile app :

★ The application is loaded on the smartphones and it also contains basic features that offer better user experience to the users.

★ It is very much useful for business purpose as it can be inactive yet it can perform in the background by sending the geo – targetted push notifications.

★ To mainly gather data about the customer’s performances and behavior.

Features of the mobile app and mobile website :
Although they are two different things but they offer basic features and helps the customers to grow the business by reaching out to the customers on a different level.The features are :

★ Users can actually call your business by tapping on the phone number from the website or app.

★Users can actually use the devices from their GPS and locate their business locations.

★ This feature also integrates that the users can actually share the content on all the social sites with their friends and followers.

A post by Poonam Chatterjee. 14th Oct, 2016.


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