The Handiwork of the Negative SEO Guy and the Ways to Keep Him Away

A first page Search Engine rank for a website is a great news and optimization is mammothly responsible for it. But, there too is a different, more darker side to optimization strategies that often glares at websites under the black hat. The tech world has named it as ‘negative SEO’ – something which minuses everything that organic SEO does. And, of course, it’s never cricket by any means!

What really goes on beneath the black hat?

Like Plato said, “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” Negative SEO is all about those bad guys. Take a look at how they act their part and how you can act yours –

Keyword conspiracy:
The antagonist creates a duplicate copy of your website, publishes it online and fills it with a lot of spam. Stuffing with unrelated keywords does their trick and down goes your website rank. Keep a sharp eye on these malicious online activities and report such sites immediately.

A fake story:
Fake news is a killer. It not only maligns your online reputation but also takes it down in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Always make sure to monitor business listing sites and bad reviews. Report a ‘problem link’ to Search Engines if you find any suspicious activities fluxing in.

The crawl shove:
Your rivals may make malicious web spiders continuously crawl your website and slow down its loading time. Allow only selective and reputable search engines to send these spiders to your website; shut the others off.

Content theft:
Freshly posted content in a website is the most vulnerable of all. It’s new and Search Engines do not immediately index it. This is the best time for the bad guy to rip it off from your site and post it elsewhere. The result is a heap of duplicate content and an angry Search Engine to penalize your website. To combat this, update your sitemap regularly and keep a strict check on any content theft.

The hacking booby trap:
Hack the website and alter its files, and it will behave weird – this is what a negative SEO thinks. The robot.txt file of a website instructs a search engine about the webpages that are to be crawled and about those which are to be ignored. An altered robot.txt will keep your site away from web crawlers.

Negative SEO strategies attack your website and cripple it to a great extent. Make sure to learn the ways of fighting back against such practices. Improve search engine ranking for your website and save your online reputation.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 5th of May, 2014.


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