The Bummer of a Content Writer: 10 Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Writing

The wish to write counts more than the ability. Polished writing skills are achieved with time and need a lot of practice. Of late, the profession of content writing has come of age. Freelancers and web content writers are not tough to find. But, quality writing doesn’t seem to be always common to all. So, how to filter out the good from the huge lot of people dreaming to make money writing?

Simple. Learn the signs of a bad content writer…by heart.

Sign 1: Did he walk off with somebody else’s content?
Plagiarism can be a dangerous offence. Stealing someone else’s content and claiming it as your own is ethically incorrect and morally low. Avoid hiring the plagiarist at all cost. Remember, the best website content are always unique and interesting to read.

Sign 2: Is he a spinner?
So, your content writer submits ten articles a day? Even more? Careful! He might be a spinner – a person using article rewriting software to come up with unoriginal content to fool any plagiarism detector.

Sign 3: Has the Ghost left your Ghostwriter for good?
A ghostwriter is meant to remain as a secret always. Whatever he writes for you is YOUR exclusive property and no one else’s. If he is trying to sell or republish this content elsewhere in his name, you should better be off without him.

Sign 4: Is he a secret keeper?
Did your writer show you the samples of his previous work? Or did he just put your question down with a ‘those-are-highly-confidential-work’ answer? If second is the case, then chances are that he is out there to make money writing with a huge lack of abilities and experiences. Dump that guy in the interview session itself.

Sign 5: Is SEO not his concern?
If your writer is a website content generator, he MUST know what SEO is. Optimization of a website depends a lot on the quality of content provided. Ask him the basics of the process. If he fails to answer, you should better be looking for someone else.

Sign 6: Is laziness his excuse?
Is reading a turn-off for your writer? Is his writing research oriented? Some people are just too lazy to look into the details of something they don’t know. It’s okay to not have a great amount of knowledge. There always is the Internet to learn. But lazy writers ditch it big time, and hence, you too should be ditching them in return.

Sign 7: Does he not like suggestions?

A good content writer should be open to suggestions and a lot of editing. You slash his words and he slashes you with words – avoid this monster totally.

Sign 8: Does he dot his i’s and cross his t’s?
Punctuation is a huge chapter in written languages, a power enough to change the meaning of a sentence entirely. Read this:

“Woman, without her man, is nothing.”
“Woman: without her, man is nothing.”
Now, that’s a huge difference! Check if your writer really cares about punctuation. If not, then he might just invite your doomsday somehow.

Sign 9: Is ‘then’ and ‘than’ same for him?
Homonyms are tricky, but are not impossible to fathom. Like incorrect punctuation, homonyms, too can alter sentences. Here’s an example:

“Waiter, there’s a HARE in my soup.”
“Waiter, there’s a HAIR in my soup.”
So, before your writer decides on what his soup really had, you can very well start looking for a better option.

Sign 10: Is he a thesaurus maniac?
Some writers have a habit of looking up at a thesaurus every time. The result is a heap of words in his writing that bounce over reader’s head and land up in a waste bin. Instead of letting your readers struggle with their sanity, kindly allow such writers to make money writing somewhere else.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 21st of April, 2014.


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