The Master Plan for the Design

The Bible Society of Singapore has been in existence for almost two centuries now. Naturally, the guidelines and information for the site wireframe that reached us, were downright crisp and clear. The Esolz design wing was more than happy to get such candid instructions from the client. Absorbing everything in, our designers laid out the plot for the prototype. But, narrating a two hundred year-old history wasn’t duck soup. Our moodboard was full with data of cultural diversities around the world and the designed prototype was mazy and elaborate. But, in the course of the project, the website came out beautiful and proved to be a great interactive engine later.

The Homepage

After a detailed prototype was proposed and finalized, the homepage breezed in matchless. A newsy slider was put to the fore making it easy for the end-user to grasp the purpose of the mission without any trouble. Sober colors were selected to represent the website for the Bible Society of Singapore. A brief description about the society was highlighted and a section each for its translation, publishing, distribution and engagement work was included. Links to the other webpages were pegged above for easy navigation of the site. A extra bit of frosting was coated in the form of an easy search bar to discover God’s words from the Holy Bible.

Our Thoughts

The development and designing part for this project required utmost precision. The designers used latest tools like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax. While the developers used PHP with Apache 2.2 as the web server. Our developers have used WordPress for its CMS and RSS feed for publishing updates and contents. While Javascript is the scripting language.Repeated testings were done before the delivery of the project.

Vivek Surana Business Development manager


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