The Bib, Tucker and the Prototype

The website had to be grand, much like a fashionista personified! We kept remembering this bit from the briefing session throughout the entire process of developing the blueprint. Again, another token was to impart the ‘e-commerce’ feel. So, we cleared up enough space for a digital shopping cart too. There was room for the shopping categories in one webpage, for clothing alone in another and for accessories in the next. The essence and flavor of an online shopping website was kept sublimely intact for R Label Fashion. And, the prototype itself proved to be a bang in the bull’s eye!

The Homepage Style

“Let the homepage bespeak fashion,” thought we. We chose black, grays and a lot of red to sketch our design and then planked down the links to the major webpages at the top of the homepage. The digital cart and company logo were also placed at pronounced spots. Not forgetting the important ingredient of the design recipe, an eloquent search bar was included on the top right too. Online shoppers hate long scrolling and slow-to-load homepages. So, we were building up R Label Fashion in the exact taste that you’ll love.

Our Thoughts

Finally, we could successfully come up with a fantastic website for OffersAfrica. The whole effort of working with this novel company was a really rewarding one. A lot was learnt in the process and a lot experienced. But, at the end of the day, the project really did come.

The website was intended for a revered client of ours and therefore we ensured that it needs to be done keeping quality in consideration. We, the designers used tools like Adobe Photoshop, HTML 5, Jqueryin unleashing our creativity. The panels, links, tabs, picture and image contents were placed adequately throughout the site as proposed by the client. The site has been kept lucid, attractive, user-friendly, SEO friendly, browser-friendly in design.
Arunima Jana – developer
Besides designing emphasis was given in developing the site. In this case, to cut costs, we preferred to use the open source software tools like PHP, MySql. We understand well that our tool will give quality results at affordable rates. The development part was modularized and therefore distributed programming resulted in the process to get completed as quickly as possible. Series of unit testing aided to improvise the application. After completion it was handed over to the client for being hosted for commercial purposes.
Projesh Pal – developer


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