The Homepage

The homepage had to be funky and sing out music magnanimously. A pretty pink was chosen and blended with white and black to bring out the essence of the website. A chic model with headphones on, gleaming on the homepage served the purpose right. The related webpages were neatly placed atop with a brief introduction to the big idea below. We kept the homepage short scrolling to offer a quick marketing message. A short-cut to the creation of Global ID for users too was showcased prominently.


Responsive design – it’s better and everyone is doing it, so. Mobile and tablet users are surpassing Internet surfing on desktops and laptops. Internet is finding its way into little pockets and so are websites. With the bell ringing loud, MYO Global had to be responsive at all cost – it is for the music lovers after all – a majority of whom breathe online over their dear smartphones and tablets. We had to strike the right chord, rain or shine.

Our Thoughts

Debabrata das

Html developer

The website MYO Global required to incorporate client requirements. To cut costs, without compromising on quality the site has been especially designed and developed with open source tools. The client required the job to complete within time constraints. Therefore the project was modularized and each module was separately handled by the designer or the developer team. Designing was done with the help of tools like Adobe, HTML 5, CSS.

Pankaj Das


The website development of MYO Global was handled by talented and experienced developers. The development phase included all the requirements of the client. To cut costs, it was accomplished with the aid of open source tools like PHP, MySql. To deliver the project on time, the assignment was modularized with every module attended by individual developer. Post complete the project was thoroughly tested and after that it was handed to the clients.


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