Business Features of the Home Page

MANIFESTO is the first show to chronicle the works of activists and everyday people who want to create change. There are home, blog, about, manifestos, submit, watch, store, contact us sections. Adequate content in the form of text, and videos clearly illustrates the business objectives.


The ManifestoTv project has design, development part adequately handled by our team of abled designers and developers. Through the use of design tools like Adobe, HTML 5, Jquery, CSS the templates for the site was created. It has been made simple yet attractive. It is also user friendly, SEO friendly as well as browser friendly.

Soumalya Banerjee – developer

The development of the website was handled by skilled developers. The use of open source tools like PHP, MySql helped to reduce the costs of development. Also to complete the assignment on time the development phase was modularized with each module being attended by a developer. All essential details as proposed by the client were included. Post development adequate testing helped to improvise the project. After that it was ready for delivery to the clients.

Anirban Tah – developer


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