The Homepage

The home page does have the best overview of what the website provides .It has a banner with a tagline, has three sections which defines the functionality that jurislink provides. Also it has the user reviews and feedback for the website.

Our Thoughts

The development activity was undertaken by our skilled developers. We used open source development tools like PHP, MySql with codeigniter in the Apache environment. The project was really a great journey for our development team as we have learned a lot of things like the video calling with using WebRTC. Our team had researched and met the requirements of our valuable client.

Swarup Sengupta


The designers, HTML & PHP developers used various tools for its designing and development. The team started its work from day 1 and kept in touch with clients all the time. The designers and development team consulted with each other in every step and at the end we have developed a website which could make our client happy.

Bhaswar Mukherjee



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