Business features

In this business customers can set up an appointment with the hairdressers. Often offers and vouchers are provided with hairdressing and other grooming services. In the hair section there is men’s hairdressing, men’s hair articles, gift vouchers. There is a shave section containing sections like traditional barber shave, men’s shaving articles, gift vouchers.

Requirement of Every Website

The website design has been created after thorough consultations with clients. An interesting feature in designing and development is that other tools and technologies like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla can be used for smart designing of the site. Mostly HTML 5 has been used along with Adobe to design the portal. For site development, open source technologies like PHP-MySql is used with Apache web server and Zend scripting engine. The site is SEO friendly and is essentially browser independent. The site can be used conveniently with mobile phones and desktops.

  • Avishek Saha


    Our Thoughts

    This commercial website has been designed exclusively by us at Esolz. The designing required us to use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, HTML 5, Jquery. The different pages of the site have relevant content in the form of images and text that clearly illustrate the business to the clients. Throughout the site links, tabs redirect users to other sections of the website. The site has been designed according to the client requirements.

  • Soumalya Banerjee


    It required the developers to deliver the project within a short span of time and therefore the development work was distributed among the developers that we have. Each developer handled a separate module. On completion of the individual modules using PHP, MySql, repeated testing using Apache environment helped to improvise upon the software. On successful completion, the project was handed to the clients.


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