Some Tips To Attract Visitors And Make Them Stay Longer For Your Site

If visitors come and move away from your site very soon, then it is a major drawback for any business houses.

Sometimes, there isn’t nothing wrong with the site itself; as the websites are professionally designed. Even if the site brims the perfect products and services it is providing, it stays there like that in one corner, and being unobtrusively ignored. Bringing a couple of hundred or thousand of visitors from zero visitors, for a website isn’t that simple, but it is eminently doable.

Someone quoted it rightly that,

The online world is an attention economy. Attention is finite, and therefore scarce. So if you want people to pay attention to you, you need to earn it.

So, what should one do, to attract and engage the visitors to their respective site?

The furor for various social media sites may come and go, but some strategies will always work for attracting the audience always.

Below mentioned are a few points which, if applied, can help business houses to attract visitors and can also make them stay for a longer period or even become a potential customer.

Engaging Content – The first and the foremost factor is to offer engaging content for the visitors, so that, they feel an urge to read all the contents and posts thoroughly and not leave midway. Delivering valuable, useful or entertaining material should be the priority. In other words, the content should be informative enough and should be written in simple words, so that the reader can comprehend easily, what it wants to convey. Most importantly, creating amazing contents for your blog page or web content where one can muse about art, life, technology, etc. It can easily grab the eyeballs of the audience.

Readibility – Along with engaging content, it is also important to ensure that the contents are in readable format. If the contents are written in tiny fonts, the audience might find it difficult to follow them and might lose interest in reading it further. So, by using big and clear fonts, with sufficient spaces between letters and lines will automatically attract many visitors, and engage them easily to read the contents.

Faster Loading Time – If a website takes a long loading time, then the website will automatically lose its potential clients. In this fast paced world, visitors will not wait for long, if a website takes a longer period to load. While making a website, we should ensure that the website should have a fast loading time.

Responsive Design – Nowadays various devices like tablet, smartphones are used for browsing the Internet. Hence, it becomes imperative for business houses to make the website design, a responsive one. Having a responsive site, makes it easy for the business firms to stay connected with the target audience. A responsive design usually adjusts itself with any layout, contents, and other features of the website very easily. Hence, the website will adjust itself automatically, irrespective of the screen size and orientation, and also irrespective of the device from which it is viewed.

Parallax Scrolling – In order to make your website an eye-catching one, or making it stand out in the crowd introducing parallax scrolling is the perfect option. Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, also the different speed effects in animation for different layers offer a visual treat for the users.

Icon Usage – Using icons for a website, can help the designers to offer an appealing and interesting look for the website. Now, icon fonts are available for the designers, and they can use them very easily for the websites.

The following tips will surely work in a great way for your site, and will get you more visitors which in turn will increase your sales and give you a profit.

A post by Soumi Biswas. 7th May, 2015.


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