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Some of the Most Important Essentials of A Compelling Website

Owning a compelling website for your brand goes a long way to aid your endeavour to be a huge success. Furthermore, a website comes with an additional feature of being discernible 24X7 at the fingerprints of your target visitors. Thus, in today’s digital era, it has become imperative to churn out a website for generating higher revenues and thus maximizing a brand’s proliferation. However, prior to constructing a website, get acquainted with these below-mentioned elements, which you need to incorporate in your website for spelling its success –

A clear layout:-

One of the most surprising facts regarding a website’s traffic generation is that it ought to be compelling enough to impress the visitors within the initial 10 seconds they visit the site. These initial 10-15 seconds are of utmost importance, as over 90% audiences tend to make a random conjecture about a website (a brand too) based on their first impression. Since, the first impression counts a lot, a website design service provider should emphasize on building a clutter-free, user-friendly and aesthetically appealing layout that will not just convey your business messages loud and clear but also retain your customers’ attentions simultaneously.

A discernible call-to-action:-

You are living under a rock if you are still unaware of the efficacies of call-to-action in terms of ensuring a website’s success. Generally, call-to-action includes a button called “buy now” or “request a quote” or the display of a company’s contact details. The subsequent step to gathering the audiences to your site should be to provide your visitors with a thorough guideline on how to make a purchase from your company or how to contact you, etc. As per the top-notch web development service providers, call-to-action plays a crucial role in turning the website visitors into the potential business conversions or leads. So, don’t forget to take the call-to-action in your account.

A compelling “About Us” page:-

Let’s face the truth – the first impression of a website completely hinges around the aesthetics (in terms of the visual as well as information display) of its “About Us” page. Cent percent visitors tend to click on the “About Us” page of a website for gathering the required information of a brand. So, vest ample efforts in churning out the “About Us” page of your website if you want to create an engaging portrait of your brand to your intended visitors. Make sure to present all the necessary information attractively in this section of your site.

A remarkable user experience:-

The User Experience or website usability is the most crucial aspect of a website design. You should design your website in a way that your customers can navigate their way easily to all the useful information without getting stuck at places. While the content of a site should be downright unique, the user-navigability ought to be predictable and extremely simple for your target visitors. The best website design service provider will know how to best keep your company’s tone intact. With the aid of proper colours, white spaces and graphics they will create an impressive experience for the users.

Loading speed:-

The loading speed of a website plays a key factor in enhancing the user experience. The slower page response can lead to page abandonment. Also, the web page load speed hugely impacts on the search engine ranking of a site. The slower loading speed not just results in the loss of potential users, but also causes an abrupt loss in the existing users.

Quality content:-

It goes without saying that the content works wonders in spelling your website’s success. There is no substitute for the premium quality content. Whether it is about your marketing efforts or relaying useful information to the visitors, only the original and quality content can engage your audiences. So, the step of building plagiarism-free and informative content cannot afford a skip or a miss.

A mobile-friendly layout:-

These days, the responsive designs have become an integral aspect of the website themes and templates. Websites with responsive layouts are constructed to automatically fit any screen size, providing the visitors with an optimal viewing experience, no matter which handheld device they are using. So, go responsive if you want to stay abreast of the competition.

An attractive header:-

The header appears right in the top of a web page. It is the ideal place for representing your brand, business identity and logo. You can incorporate a nice touch of the “sticky header”, that is known to stay atop of your web page when the visitors will scroll.

A smooth navigation:-

The navigation menu can connect with visitors to different parts of your website. Ensure that the navigation menu is understandable to the visitors. You can include sub-levels if required. A consistent navigation can go a long way to keep your visitors engaged.


References as well as reviews from the customers can help in building trust in your brand. So, incorporate as much testimonials as possible.

Additional information:-

Your visitors want to know more about you. They have the right to ask some queries like why they should rely on your services or what set you apart from your contemporaries, etc. Images can weave a better portrayal of your brand. Organize them into different columns and make the section of web content appear less cluttered.

Social media:-

In this era of social media, your visitors will expect to get in touch with you via different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The inclusion of social media sharing buttons can help you distribute your web content and build a strong community around your brand. Include links from your website to your social media profiles and thus make it more convenient for your visitors to share your company details with their contacts.

Contact information:-

Ensure that you website proffers multiple points of contact, including, your contact number and email address, so that your audiences can easily get in touch with you.

In a nutshell

Building a successful website is not a breeze affair! It entails a lot of skills and expertise to sketch out a great website. Keep these above-mentioned pointers in mind, if you want your website to be the talk of the town!

A post by Tania Ghosh. 25th Aug, 2017.


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