Six Important Factors To Consider When Going To Design A Website

The dimension of online business and digital marketing have seen a vast change in the last few years. Nowadays, every business house needs to have a website. The website is an unquestionable requirement for any online business. Website’s generally represent one’s business (brand); for which it ought to be alluring to grab the attention of the customer.

From functionality to appearance, and from navigation to coding integrity – a lot of hard work goes behind the creation of a user-friendly and eye-catching website. Not only that, the designers and developers need to work in coordination to produce websites that will be easily located by the search engines, engage customers, and provide good conversion rates.

But nowadays, a website no longer acts as a mere representation of an organization, however, it has gone ahead to turn into a marketplace, through which the organization can offer their products and services to the customers. The focus has now shifted, in order to provide a better user-experience and to reduce the bounce rate.

If you are planning to design a website for your business, then you need to consider the following six factors mentioned below.

Aim Of The Website – The aim and purpose of the website should be clear to the both ends, i.e., the client and the designer. Before embarking on the designing of the website, it’s important to make it clear whom the website intends to serve. It is based on this factor, that a website can get more traffic and business leads.

Know Your Target Audience – Every business house has its own set of target audience and works for a niche market. If you are planning to have a website, the first thing you ought to consider is your audience. A survey can be done to find out, who could be the targeted visitors? What will your target audience want from you? After a thorough consideration of this fact, the web designing can be done.

Clean and Appealing Design – Appearance is the first thing that makes an impression. We all know that, ‘First Impression Is The Last Impression’. In case of business websites, also appearances and first impressions matter. Based on the first impression it can help a business house to make or lose a deal. A clean and appealing design is appealing and easy to peruse with intuitive navigation. A clean design can help the viewers to concentrate on the brand and content, as opposed to distracting graphics.

SEO Friendly Design – SEO is an essential part of internet marketing and the website design ought to be SEO cordial. The website must contemplate the SEO component, so that clients or visitors can effortlessly find it on the first page of Google SERPs.

Navigable Layout – A easy navigable design will help you to give more exposure to your site’s content. The navigation process from one web page to another page of the website, should be kept simple, i.e., visitors should find the navigation process very easy. A navigable site receives due credit from search engines, as the search engine crawlers will easily crawl a well navigated site.

Responsive Design – Advancement of technology have introduced us to modern gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. So, for this reason, the first and the foremost thing is to make a responsive website which would be compatible with various devices having different screen size and orientation.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, there are many other factors which need to be considered, when creating a website for business purpose or for personal purpose. From offering engaging content to generating leads, if a website is properly designed, it can bring huge profit for a business house.

All said…, but the most important thing one needs to consider is that, one should always go for the leading and reliable web designers who have a lot of experience in this field. For this, choosing a good web design company would be the best bet, as they usually have on board a team of experienced designers and developers who know their task well, and usually offers high-quality services.

A post by Soumi Biswas. 6th April, 2015.


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