Revival of VoodooPC : HP Comes Up With the Brand New Omen Laptop

VoodooPC, the brand that used to create luxury PCs and once acquired by Hewlett Packard, had been as dead as a dodo for quite a long time.

The brand had a fame for manufacturing high performance computers, especially suited for gaming purpose. Here’s how it had lived a short life span of roughly two decades before being unofficially declared a dinosaur existence.

The birth of VoodooPC:
1991, VoodooPC was officially born. Founder Rahul Sood nurtured the company with a meager 40-people powered army, this including the manpower at the Headquarters in Canada and that in the web development office in Bangalore, India. And soon, VoodooPC was famous, giving users some of the most sophisticated, exotic PCs of all times. In 1999, Sood’s brother Ravi Sood, too joined in and thing got even better.

The acquisition by HP:
But September 2006 came and Hewlett Packard announced its acquisition. Although the manpower undoubtedly had seen a good growth, Sood later showed regrets how VoodooPC could have been a game changer for HP, was not given the attention it deserved and thus, ended up, all abandoned, in the dumping zone.

Onset of the Blackbird 002 fever:
In 2007, HP had announced its new high-end Blackbird 002 Gaming PC, designed by the Voodoo Business Unit that carried a VoodooDNA label inside the casing. Its unique capability of having the hard drive replaced in just 12 seconds by dint of its tool-free entrance design, had taken the entire industry by storm, winning over ten Editor’s Choice awards, including one from C-NET which rated it a 9.3 out of 10. The editor calling it ‘spectacular’, this was its highest rating ever given to any gaming PC. So much was the hype that it outdid Apple’s Mac Pro back then. But, Blackbird 002 was later surprisingly replaced by Firebird 803 in 2009.

Some renovation, some new directions:
Again in 2008, Voodoo got a fresh re-design with a new brushed metal casing and mounted 7 inches axillary screen.

Although the renovation and re-development mania had been on since the big acquisition of VoodooPC, it was finally packed up on 10th June, 2008. The entire focus was then shifted to manufacturing only high-end PCs and not gaming machines. Also, it was announced that Voodoo will continue making VoodooDNA labeled machines for HP. With this new brand direction highlighted by a tag-line that read ‘Blending Art, Innovation and Performance’, HP launched the Envy 133 and Omen laptops in 2009.

The death of VoodooPC:
But, all the pomp and show was much like a hay fire burning itself out. Things slowly started falling out for both HP and VoodooPC. By 2011, Rahul Sood had left HP and joined Microsoft, his dream project given to oblivion and lost somewhere in the darkness of the HP corridors. 2011 running, VoodooPC had just two models to offer – the Envy 133 laptop and the Firebird desktop.

Both the models are not available for purchase right now. The official website for VoodooPC had been alive through the whole of 2012 without any information about new products or renovation of the old ones. The VoodooDNA label, too, was dissolved. Adding to that, HP’s Next Bench Community also was shut down.

And then, in 2013, the VoodooPC website went completely offline. That was the end of its story.

And the resurrection:
2014, VoodooPC is back with a bang!

HP has announced the come-back of its Omen series of gaming laptops with a fresh new look and fresh new design. Starting at a price rate of $ 1,499, the new Omen is a 15 inches monstrous machine challenging the existence of the now ruling Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell, Inc, Razer from Razer USA limited, MSI from MSI Co. Ltd, Lenovo from Lenovo Group Ltd, and Maingear from Maingear, Inc.

It has evolved into a notebook-styled black-machined aluminum shell with an ultra wide touchpad. The base models will have an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor with 8 GB RAM, a 128GB SSD and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPU with 2GB of RAM, upgradable to a 256GB PCIe SSD and 4GB of VRAM respectively. And yes, it’s featuring a full HD touch-enabled display too.

Good Omen for the gamers. Wonder what Rahul Sood has to say about this.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 10th of November, 2014.


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