Responsive Websites Can Engage Audience In a Much Better Way

It’s not a secret that more and more people now access the internet using their mobile phones or tablets in addition to other gadgets. According to Internet Retailer, 261 million consumers own mobile phones and 66 million of these mobile phone owners are shopping via it. The research also showed that mobile internet usage has grown enormously within the last few years. From 26% in 2010 to 45% in 2014.

The rapid growth in the number of mobile users and continuous expansion of various gadgets is making Responsive Web Design (RWD) as the best choice for business houses. Just starting an eCommerce website is not a certification of business achievement, an exceedingly performing responsive site is equally responsible for the success.

The way individuals are devouring things online, starting from news or information or even shopping implies that the need of the hour is to consider how we engage with them to offer the best online experience for the brands and services that a business house is ready to offer. Hence, a responsive website can help them to engage the clients through the various digital points.

Changing Scenario

The web scenario has changed radically contrasted to that was present a few years back. This is because of the increase in mobile internet usage. It has changed the way web design needs to be carried out. In the past browsing on mobiles was typically taken care by the utilization of a portability site.

Yet the task of maintaining two sites rather than one, can be cumbersome one for the business houses. In order to offer the visitors a splendid experience by engaging them, the need for responsive web design comes.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a strategy for building websites that will work on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop screens. Previously websites were composed specifically for desktop screen. This worked fine until the coming of smart phones and tablets.

It is the future for business websites and the sooner one adapts to it, the better will be for the online vicinity. A responsive web design reacts to the different gadgets having different screen sizes and resolutions. As per an assessment there are more than 232 sizes of screens accessible, which can help site designs, for example, design, features and web content.

Terms Associated With Responsive Website

Fluid Grid : Fluid adjusts its shape to suit its compartment, the configuration will keep on adjusting to its surroundings regardless the screen size on which it is being seen. With a liquid lattice, you have no stranded content or unbalanced re-wraps or undesirable stacking.

Layout Agnostic: A layout agnostic design can work without knowing ahead of time on what gadget, determination, or screen size it will be seen.

Media Queries: A media queries permits not only to just identify the gadget, on which a design is to be rendered, but also inquires about the gadget’s physical characteristics. It will have the capacity to adjust to the suitable screen size and resolution.

Advantages of Having A Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites functions well over huge number of existing gadgets available.

Upgrading your website regardless of what device client decides to view it on makes the viewing experience more engaging. As it will help to deal with high bounce rates on websites.

Doing SEO for separate sites, i.e., for desktop and mobile is a hard thing and doesn’t deliver incredible results. Google really prescribes a responsive methodology to battle these issues and a merged perspective of your results implies more centering.

An optimized website, regardless of what platform it is seen on, can give a great experience for the client.

It takes lesser time to upgrade a Responsive Website. Designers need to invest lesser time as they need to overhaul only one platform.

So, responsive websites can be a great way to engage the audience or visitors as the technical term goes.

A post by Soumi Biswas. 26th February, 2015.


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