Reasons Why Pageless Prototype is the Future of Professional Website Design

The Internet is still aging into a more matured operation, it’s usage becoming more and more mainstream. The popularity of it has multiplied manifold, the rage has intensified a million times and, of course, the ways of approaching it have momentously undergone a sea change.

From being limited to mere university and corporate laboratories, this big network has spun its kingdom large to reach those billions and billions of masses worldwide in a very short span of time. Websites came late, with the onset of the “WWW” but managed to stay a player in the longer race. Professional website design was given some serious thought and bingo! The Internet was soon surging with beautiful sites all over. And then, there was ecommerce relishing upon that, with social media taking the entire concept by storm.

But, all of a sudden, the Internet entered people’s pockets, in mobiles, tablets and possibly everything small-screened. Sites becoming responsive and cross-browser friendly turned into a compulsion and layered or stuffed pages started failing to satiated mobile browsing.

Did the designers and developers have a solution to THAT?
Hell yes! They came up with Pageless Prototyping! Instead of stuffing a site with unnecessary and space-consuming content and complex layout, these professional website design guys crafted just one page for that matter. This single page was continuous scrolling, simple and crisp, with minimum content, clear-cut directions and an easy-to-engage environment. A site with such a layout could communicate with the end user more easily than any complex prototype.

And soon, this became the very trend amongst all responsive design and development fanatics, especially amongst every ecommerce website designing company. Here are some reasons that highlight why possibly Pageless Prototyping will define a new direction in website designing:

Reason 1: Is it not a great storyteller?
Why do people build sites over the World Wide Web? Of course, to communicate to the entire world via that. And don’t people love good storytelling? Your site has to do it, at all cost. A Pageless site tells a story in many parts, seamlessly, at one go, without distracting the listener. Unlike complex sites, they do not make users jump from one page to the next to complete the tale.

Reason 2: A scattered site or a Pageless?
Most sites are scattered and messy in the way they look and function – with a distracting slider image, huge quantity of texts, icons and links to other pages. On top of that, often, such sites are tough on a responsive front. As for the other type, they are only long scrolling, not distracting and messy. Naturally, the conversion rates and lead generation by the latter type is higher.

Reason 3: Wouldn’t bounce rates decrease and social media sharing increase?
Yes, they will. Less confusion means longer will the end user hang onto the site decreasing bounce rates substantially. And speaking of social media sharing, you cannot share entire, bulky sites. This means you have to crop off a certain part of it and share for your audience to see. Pageless sites are much better in this context. They are organized, clear, light and encourage social media sharing hugely.

Reason 4: They fit into all screen types.
Such prototyping is hugely famous for its responsiveness. From smartphones to feature phones to tablets to desktops, they go native on almost all devices. They are cross-browser compatible too.

Above all, they a great, smooth, affordable way of creating appealing sites and are every professional website design company’s favorite. “Keep it simple” – this message said loud and clear, Pageless Prototyping definitely is the future of web designing.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 20th of November, 2014.


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