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Praytel – A Stunning Website Designed and Developed by Team Esolz

They say, in the digital world, one who lags behind is left abandoned ultimately. It means that you should definitely generate a digital excitement with as many fields as you want. Whether you are looking to build a start-up or step up an already existing one, owning a compelling website is always an opportune way to generate higher revenues. Valuing this necessity, team Esolz has taken an initiative of providing a compatible web design service that aids in converting your visitors to customers with a greater ease. Focusing the nature of your business, they ensure to facilitate you with a fruitful online presence and thus, pushes prospective revenues further up. Out of numerous websites churned out by Esolz Technologies Private Limited, the site of Praytel is worth appreciating. Here is an overview of the nitty-gritty of Praytel, which too includes a brief description of their visually-compelling website –

A quick introduction to Praytel:-

Being a specialist in the industry of telephone exchange, data network, public address system, Wi-Fi system and CCTV camera, Praytel has gained a great deal of appreciation from all over the world. They began their journey about 15 years ago with a dream of offering the finest-quality services in telecommunication. Fast forward to 2017, and today they have become one of the most trusted names in the over-demanding industry of telecommunication. High-end professionalism, unbeatable efficiency, and inviolable speed are some of the major USPs of Praytel. Regardless to say that if you are on the lookout for a premium telecommunication service, then your priority list should be topped by Praytel.

A peek into the compelling website of Praytel:-

An impeccably designed and optimized website can speak a lot about an organization. Considering the important marketing campaigns, a well-structured website can undoubtedly offer a head-start by boosting the brand value of a company. The website of Praytel is another marvelous creation of the skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals of Esolz. The compelling layout of the website befriending a convenient navigation makes it extremely easy for the viewers to browse through different sections of the site. The eye-catchy layout, powered by Drupal serves as an advantageous feature of the website providing visitors with a user-friendly experience. Considered as a comprehensive Content Management System(CMS), Drupal can be better defined as a programmer’s platform than a conventional CMS script. The immaculately developed website of Praytel is customized, SEO-friendly and absolutely mobile-ready. In a nutshell, the amazing website of Praytel boasts of a feature-rich and high-quality layout, which successfully meets every requirement of the visitors.

In a nutshell:-

The website of a Praytel is an ideal example of a trendy website offering fast load time and enhanced navigability. The team Esolz would feel extremely privileged if you squeeze some time out to pay a visit to this wonderful creation.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 15th june, 2017.


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