Post Thanksgiving, I’d Rather Have a Cyber Monday Than a Black Friday

One good thing about Thanksgiving Day is that it always brings along the great extravaganza of a shopping fest called the ‘Black Friday.’

So, after you sincerely thanked our Father who art in heaven about everything you have, you can soon rush out to grab everything else you don’t. And why not? After all, there are some ravishing, mouth-watering deals out there awaiting you….and the rest in those long, tiring queues. But, wait, might it not, somehow, turn into a cacophony or even a stampede at any moment?

As luck would have it, there still are other, safer options to entirely avoid this disaster and still have some decent discounts. And save yourself some hard-earned money. And a huge chunk of your energy too.

The Internet, our savior:

Thank you Internet for inventing Cyber Monday and relieving us of the Black Friday horror. Now I won’t have to get jealous of that rickety grandma down the streets who managed to grab a better lampshade than mine last winter. The Internet of things is here with me, at my service. And hasn’t Cyber Monday already slapped Black Friday very hard?

Why Monday, why not Friday?

Love for Fridays look better only when you have had a long, tedious week at the office. And Mondays, then, are the ultimate antagonists. But, when it comes to shopping after Thanksgiving, Mondays seem so much better, pleasant and tranquil. Here’s why:

I love my sleep, not a crowd:
The first thing about Black Friday that I hate is the utmost necessity to wake up early to beat those long queues. It’s like “Lose one minute of a Black Friday morning and you’ll feel sorry for it all day.” Cyber Monday mornings, on the other hand, are so much more peaceful. You can spend the entire day in bed and still shop to your heart’s content. Without the queue terror, of course.

Shop hopping is trepidation, sort of:
The rush is already huge on a Black Friday. And on top of that you have to go shop hopping, or rather hunting. It’s boring and energy-consuming. Cyber Mondays, on the contrary, offer shopping opportunities anytime, anywhere. And that puts you in an awesome energy-saving mode.

Would I have someone to carry my stuff? No!
Okay, so you bought a heap of things out of pure thrill. How would you carry that home? And will reserving a cab not drain out some more bucks from your wallet? See how bad Black Friday is? Now turn to Cyber Monday. You’ll get everything HOME DELIVERED.

If you manage to survive till the end of this post, you’ll surely turn a Black Friday hater like myself. Together, then, we can, perhaps, plan out how to stop this mass massacre they call a shopping bonanza.

Our kingdom come, our will be done…hopefully.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 1st of December, 2014.


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