Perfect Marketing Technique With Google Remarketing

In this technological era, Internet has become one of the most powerful tools for marketing. Several techniques have got evolved, that can help firms to advertise about their services and products across the internet. This can be done by the help of online advertising.

Remarketing, is one among the various techniques available, that can help a website to bring back the visitors or users who have once browsed through the site and left the site without buying any products. This can be done by showing relevant ads to the users, when they browse the web or browse Google.

Google Remarketing also known as Google AdWords Remarketing or Ad Retargeting is usually conducted by Google Display Network. It offers an easy way to reach the majority of the users who are on the remarketing lists, multiple times in a month, or in a week, or even in a single day.

Hence, by remarketing, the following advantages can be achieved

  • The website or the ad content will reappear on the user’s display screen. This will ultimately lead the website to better ROI.
  • It offers a powerful way to stay engaged with the targeted audience.
  • It will easily allow to create custom list combinations in order to reach exact customers.
  • It will also allow the firms to present to the audience with highly relevant ads and offers, and also ensure your brand is on the top of the mind of the buyers.
  • How Google Remarketing Will Work ?

    Remarketing offers an easy way to reach people who have previously visited the website. Tailored ads can be provided to the visitors, based on the sections of the site they have visited.

    Add Remarketing Tag To Your Site

    To start with this, one will need to just add a Google remarketing code, also known as ‘remarketing tag’ to the respective pages of the website. This snippet code can be easily procured from AdWords.

    Create Remarketing Lists

    After adding the ‘remarketing tag’ to the particular website, the firms can then create a remarketing list for any of the webpages. For example, one can create a remarketing list for visitors for the website’s most popular product category. The tag will ask AdWords to save the visitors under the “popular category list”. When visitors will be visiting the website or particular page, then the cookie id will be added to the remarketing list.

    Build Remarketing Campaigns Based On Remarketing List

    After creating the remarketing list, it becomes important to build an AdWords campaign, that would be offering specific messages only to those people who falls under the “popular category list” when they will be searching about any specific thing on the Internet or in other Display Network sites. Visitors who are not in the list will not be able to view it.

    For the first remarketing campaign, Google recommended to start it by targeting every visitors who viewed the homepage. But it was seen that, the cost gets increased, as the ads are being retargeted to more individuals. In order to cut down the cost, firms can incorporate Google Remarketing tags which will allow to target more narrowly, and bring more ROI.

    A post by Soumi Biswas. 5th May, 2015.


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