Penguin 3.0: Link Building in, Spam Out, Search Engine Optimization Services say Ouch

Came October and Google announced another major update to its Penguin algorithm, this time calling it ‘Penguin 3.0.’ This has come almost a year after the last update to the algorithm in October, 2013.

Penguin has always been under controversy, perhaps because of the everytime tsunami impact it had on organic search results, making link building a more tangled up process for all Search Engine Optimization Services.

So, how is Penguin 3.0 different from the rest?

With a view to getting rid of spam, the new algorithm update is believed to affect 1% of search results. But, the previous updates, except the last one, had different impacts altogether. Penguin 1.0 had affected search results by a percentage of 3.1, Penguin 1.2 by 0.3 and Penguin 2.0 by 2.3. Only Penguin 2.1 released last year had a similar affect of 1 % on search results.

How hard will the change hit the industry?

These changes, as discussed by Forbes, can either go in favor of the professional SEO services wholeheartedly following Google’s guidelines, or can make those not following them sweat their guts out. The most harsh impact will be on seen upon the link building strategies that are followed by Search Engine Optimization Services.

Link Building – then and now:

Early Internet search engines used the concept of ‘keyword density’ to rank websites. The basic idea was to look for the frequent occurrence of certain keywords in a website most relevant to it. The result, without doubt, was a lot of manipulative keyword placement and hence, spamming.

Then came Google and the entire SEO landscape was re-drawn. It introduced the PageRank algorithm to validate the genuineness of websites and deal with spamming the tough way. Today, not all links present in a site get the same equal candy-treatment. Everything depends on how genuine and authoritative the site is.

With Penguin 3.0, which are the strategies to be avoided at all cost?

Do away with buying and selling links. They will only attract the red eye of the search engine king. Even, over use of links will no longer work and so will automated link building. And if you are trying to use optimized anchor texts for an article or a press release to build links, forget progress. Moreover, social bookmarking sites and directories must carry quality links and the footer or template of websites must carry less links. Last but not the least, the SEO services company trying to build links via forum comments must stop doing it. Right now.

Also, site owners and Search Engine Optimization Services, do keep a watch over the analytics of your websites. Look out for any recent noticeable change. Who knows, your decreasing ranks could possibly be a Penguin 3.0 aftereffect?

A post by Chayanika Deka. 4th of November, 2014.


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