Move On From Boost Post Buttons To Facebook Power Editor Which Comes With Loaded Features

Social Media Sites acts as the perfect platform to showcase a product, promote a service, create a brand awareness or to advertise about any latest posts. As the social media sites are used by millions of people, it offers an easy alternative for the business houses to reach out the audience very easily. Thus, the social media platforms can also help the business houses in meeting their marketing goals very easily.

The most powerful way to target your ideal audience on Facebook is with Facebook ads. Although, there are other ways for building Facebook Ads like Ads Manager, Mobile Ads Manger, and Boost Post Button , but they are not so popular now in comparison to Facebook’s Power Editor.

Power Editor is a browser plugin created by Facebook for managing and editing bulk-ads. This tool now comes with a new and improved interface. It is now being chiefly used for checking the status and day-to-day performance of the ads. It is only compatible with Google Chrome browser.

Are you looking for a better way to manage your Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Manager is a good option for business start-ups who wants to advertise about their products or services through Facebook, but Facebook Power Editor offers an effective way to manage the ads.

If you aren’t using Power Editor, you have no idea, what you are going to miss.

Power Editor is Facebook’s advanced ad editor, which will allow you to manage a large number of Facebook ad variations more easily. It also offers various cool stuff, that you couldn’t think of doing just by using Facebook’s basic Ads Manager.

Power Editor is a very powerful tool, that will allow you to create bulk ads, edit the ads and campaigns, and mange them on the social networking sites like Facebook very easily. Thus, it can help to target the customers and refine your audience for your specific products, services, or brands. It can also help internet marketers and advertisers to have a greater control over the advertising segment.


Some of the beneficial features of the Power Editor tool can be stated below.

  • Bulk Editing – Ads and Ad Campaigns can be easily modified with the help of bulk editing option.
  • Bulk Import – On the off chance that you are truly getting into mass Facebook ad creation, Power Editor offers another choice that could build your rational soundness. Bulk uploading or importing permits you to alter all your ads option in an excel spreadsheet format, and by dispensing with all that irritating clicking. In the event that you are doing a considerable measure of vast volume and need to keep control of every one of your variables, the mass transfer alternative will spare your time.
  • Geo-Specific or Demographic Targeting – If you need to sponsor a post which should be accessible just in a certain few cities or for a particular age group, then Power Editor’s geo-specific or demographic targeting is the right option. With this you can bore down advertisements visible just to particular nations or urban communities along-side specific age group or any specific area.
  • Customized Groups – It can be utilized to transfer your client records into Facebook and target just those clients with the advertisements. Presently you can re-focus on your fans utilizing the Custom Audience Tool. So in the event that you are running an e-business site and have clients who have as of late purchased an iPhone from your site, you can target them supposing what their next purchase perhaps.
  • Domain Sponsored Stories – This tool offers a great way to drive traffic to your website. Whenever a user will be sharing a link to your website, a story gets created. Now if the website has set up a Domain Sponsored Story, Facebook will change the each shares into ads.
  • Lookalike Audiences – This feature of Power Editor will allow you to build a list of Facebook users, much like the customer list.
  • Partner Categories – Under this tool, Facebook users are offered different types of ads based on their purchase and browsing history.
  • Conversion Specs – It will allow you to let Facebook know, on which type of actions you would like to focus on like link clicks, video played, or post stories. By default, Facbook will have the optimized CPM (optimized for a specific option) options for the ads. But still, if one wants, they can specify any conversion specs, in order to get the desired outcome from the targeting by replacing it with the “link_click”.
  • Optimizing Your Ads – You can likewise choose unique reach that helps you to offer bids on impressions. This feature guarantees that your ads get viewed by individuals once a day. You can genuinely optimize the amount of views the ad has received and engagement your ads get.
  • Indeed, Power Editor is an amazing tool which can be of immense help for the online advertisers and internet marketers who wants to reach the niche audience very easily. Seeing all the perks it offers, you should definitely give it a try.

    For advertisers and internet marketers, it’s now high time to move on from “Boost Post “ to “Facebook Power Editor” for an advanced level targeting. Still, if you are wondering, how to get started, then you need not to worry. Facebook will offer you with the right set of Power Editor Guidelines, so that you can easily start with it.

    A post by Soumi Biswas. 9th May, 2015.


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