Is Facebook Taking a Toll on Our Well-being?

A sudden upsurge in the predominance of Facebook has brought a huge culture shock to our society. Began as a podium of communication and entertainment, Facebook has become a hyperactive way of the modern life today. Even though, Facebook’s given us a whole-new chance to revamp our “social” status or “stay connected” with our loved ones for 24/7, our emotions are getting burnt-out massively! Those social-media bullies, online-trolls, and scathing hate comments shared on Facebook are orchestrated to butcher our peace-of-mind, making us emotionally vulnerable. Owing to these reasons, people are getting concerned more about how Facebook is taking a toll on our relationships, and pushing us to anguish and emotional sufferings. Here in this article, we would like to discuss some ways Facebook is affecting us –

Fuels social media comparison:-

For a large number of people, Facebook is an ideal platform to boast of their personal lives. Capturing everyday moments in camera and then stacking those pictures up on the walls of Facebook is a common fad now. You must be lagging behind if you fail to pace up in this race of personal-moments-sharing. True bonds build memories instead of posting pictures online! Too many snaps shared on social media only hints at the veiled disturbance underneath. Unfortunately, even the most rational people would often fail to understand this truth and fall prey to social media comparisons. It not just butchers one’s sense of gratitude, but also leads him/her to miscommunications. According to one of the recent studies by Chou and Edge, the chronic users of social media tend to presume that others are happier than them, which is causing them to let low self-esteem or lack of confidence creep in their lives.

A sense of envy creeps in:-

No matter how hard you strive to feel happy looking at those “all smiling” pictures of your friends, colleagues or acquaintances, that subtle sense of envy has to creep in every time you snoop into others’ profiles. Did any of your friends have announced a promotion at his/her workplace? Or did someone from your acquaintances has posted a picture of his/her cruise vacation on the social media? Not just these pictures can make you pity your ‘not-so-exciting’ life, but also make you feel jealous of others’ achievements.

Invasion of privacy:-

By sharing posts or pictures of your personal life, you are unknowingly letting the strangers trespass into your personal life. Not every stranger you befriend on the social sites is trustworthy. Some of your social media acquaintances might have ill motifs, which might bring perilous effects in your life.

Makes you addicted:-

What are the commonest addictive substances in the world? Cigarettes, tea, coffee or alcohol? Well, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual has included the latest diagnosis, which has fuelled a new controversy – Facebook is gauging a huge addiction. Over the past few years, social media addiction has gone off on a considerably high note, leading to the introduction of Facebook Addiction Scales. And what a recent survey has found is utterly shocking! As per this survey, the addiction to social media has been craved more than alcohol and tobacco. With each passing day, this addiction is growing even stronger and deviating our concentrations from other important aspects of our life.

Is it too late?

Anything excess in life is a poison and Facebook is not an exception. The lesser will you get “social” on Facebook, the more amazing your life will be. Everything related to the virtual world is carefully wrapped in the camouflage of deception. So, in order to explore the perks of social media, make sure to bring down your obsession with it.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 13th January, 2018.


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