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iOS App Development Trends the Developers Should Tap into in 2018

With 2017 swiftly gearing up to be on its last legs, the iOS developers have come up with truckloads of new trends to usher in 2018 along with. The iOS application development trends keep changing with each passing year. The best iPhone applications for the developers should own a great practice across the measure of marketing campaigns, user engagements, and monetization strategies for their iOS apps. Tapping into the updated technology trends in every year, the developers can match up to the prevailing market standard. As per the best iOS app development service providers, the forthcoming year of 2018 will unfold a plethora of surprises and opportunities for the iPhone users, thus paving ways for robust iPhone apps. We have dug out some iOS app development trends, that are anticipated to have a fantastic curve in 2018. Read to know more –

The growth in iPad App Development:-

According to a recent survey, in the fourth-quarter of the previous year, iPad sales had generated about 4.83 billion dollars in revenue. As of the month of January in 2017, the app store of Apple was seen to contain about 2.2 million iOS apps, 1 million of what is native to the iPad users. The collaboration of these facts indicates the rising popularity of iPads and several other compatible applications for it. The upcoming year of 2018 is anticipated to have more calls for iPad app development for the aspiring enterprises.

Augmented Reality Applications:-

In September 2017, iOS 11 had launched an array of engaging features. One of the most hyped updates is the Augmented Reality Application. Apple had introduced ARKit for the iOS developers, that is considered as an ideal framework to churn out AR experiences for iPhone and iPad. Apple’s Augmented Reality framework is compatible with Apple’s ARKit framework, that will enable the iPhone and iPad users to produce virtual reality, augmented reality, and many other 3D applications. 2018 is expected to envisage an upsurge in the Augmented Reality Apps.

Intelligent applications with Core ML:-

Backed by some effective machine learning models, Core ML lets the developers build intelligent applications with a few lines of codes. The ML models have come up with some amazing features including object tracking, barcode detection, face detection, and the likes. This Apple’s Machine Learning framework has a huge support for iOS 11 and the latest editions. The developers are free to choose from the third-party Machine Learning frameworks. In 2018, the intelligent app development trends will receive a huge boost, undoubtedly.

IOS 11 – Swift4:-

Swift, a general-purpose programming language is the latest innovation of Apple for iOS, macOS, and tvOS. Building an app with Swift could be a fun because the syntax is expressive and concise. It supports almost every platform of Apple as well as Linux. Swift4, developed in the open comprises of source code, bug tracker, etc. and is available for almost everyone. It is capable of implementing the capacity of Swift3 and also delivering a high-end robustness. The iPhone app development will be extremely productive with a Swift4 framework, as it comes with different features such as exclusive access to memory, enhanced dictionary, set types creation, etc. The year 2018 will envisage more intelligent apps entering the app store by virtue of several frameworks available to assist the developers.

Artificial intelligence for Siri:-

Since its introduction, Siri has taken the entire world by storm. In 2018, the intelligent personal assistance of Siri will be enhanced with AI, so it can engage and entertain more users. Also, by integrating more advanced features, Siri can act like a smarter and more efficient task manager. The advanced AI can turn Siri into a perfect podium for the users to command different services of Apple and perceive more information from them.

Apple Pay:-

Apple Pay can help in building powerful and market-compatible applications for different services including club memberships, hotel reservations, purchasing tickets, etc. This apart, some approved non-profits can even utilize Apple Pay for collecting donations. The prime benefit of Apple Pay is the reduced risks for the developers in regards to managing actual credit and debit numbers of the consumers, as Apple does not share a customer’s debit or credit information.

Final note:-

Make sure to ring in the New Year by tapping into some of these aforementioned iOS app development trends. For any professional assistance, you can count on the best iOS app development service providers in town, as well.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 29th December, 2017.


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