Innovative inventions

Innovative inventions that changed the world

When I actually think of an inventor I normally imagine a lone genius in a laboratory concocting brilliant devices and redesigning and experimenting something with a lot of ease and perfection.Every stunning piece of the technology actually changes the world. In fact , in a matter of fact, I have realized it takes a lot of people to really invent a masterpiece and not just a lone genius.

Here, you will read further about the 10 world-changing inventions that have completely changed the outlook of the people. Every invention has a problem until some inventor has actually come along and mainly get it solved.From iPhone to social media have created a lot of buzzes.But what makes them a special element from the rest ?Given below are the most popular inventions which give you an instant reason to love and adore them.

Social media

Here is the great way of socializing with other another through the social media :
The Internet is the most powerful invention that we have today and we can see how people are acting to it.Everyone uses some form of social media today and many use it on all the other forms like facebook,snap chat,Instagram,twitter and of course Whatsapp. So a thank you to Mark Zuckerberg who has co – founded facebook and the world in an instant decided to change.

Importance of the social media into our lives :Global social media :

In the world of technology that social media is only to keep up the social tie with the others. They are a resource of politics, information, and news. Social sites in a way mainly connect people from one end to another.

Evergreen personal computers for us :

Its is hard to imagine the world where tech does not exist.We are more than thankful to the two superheroes Steve jobs and Bill gates for mainly offering us with our personal computing which provides the best user experience.The design of Apple and the power of the Microsoft is truly amazing that shines through our lives throughout.The large and clunky computer has transformed into the slick and beautifully designed owned machine for the individuals says a lot .Be it for business purpose or for any college student everyone uses their own machines to get their tasks done on time.To add to more Microsoft has also earned it well by developing their approach to smartphones,tablets, and smartwatches.The developers have created cloud computing,designs and other technologies into other devices and bring out the change.


Nobody can actually imagine a life without smartphone because they mainly control our lives.It is not just limited to messaging or to calling but it can also access the WiFi networks,other apps and social sites for various other business purposes.The smartphone can be considered as the most powerful thing used by us.Most frequently we are being asked about a thing we just can’t do without where the answer would be our ”phone” . In fact, mostly teens and even adults have been seen checking their phone after every minute. They would go insane if the phone is taken from them.A smartphone has mainly reached globally and across the minds of the people.

High-speed the internet:

We normally go insane if things take really tough time in downloading.In fact, we normally have complained about slow internet,buffering and lost internet connection.In fact, individuals would not sit and wonder about the low slipped they would rather pay more and get high internet speeds.In fact, speeds are well generated with fiber optic cables and also with 5G networks.

E- Commerce online market:

Online shopping is getting bigger and better.It is the excellent way for teens r for the adults to just wrap the last minute gift with a quick purchase.The Internet is taking a global access to online shopping where it takes just a week or a day for your product to arrive before you. In fact, your location determines your order. Every little thing would arrive on a reasonable time that you have ordered.

Netflix to mainly Apple Tv:

Today streaming devices have actually become really popular with Netflix delivering their services to almost every person on earth.On the other hand, not everybody has the streaming device like the apple and the Roku.In today’s world streaming device have become so popular that they mostly eliminating the cable models.The new services are however affordable and have new channels just like cable tv.

LCDs and OLED:

Television as become most integral part in our daily lives. With the advancements of the technologies, it was also seen that LCD or LED requires massive screens which mainly illustrates how a screen should look like.It also goes better with the OLED and HDR.

Path train:

This is again important factor where the developing countries depend on upon. The conditions of the trains might not be too good yet the public transformation is the most important thing an absolute need in terms of emergency.

Fitness gear:

It might be a bit overwhelming but people are getting highly conscious regarding their needs in terms of fitness and health.For example, one can opt for the treadmill whenever they want.Fitness trackers are making such huge impact upon the minds of the customers that Apple is mainly designing the watches and gear for fitness.

Every invention has a problem until some inventor has actually come along a mainly get it solved.From iPhone to social media have created a lot of buzz.

A post by Poonam Chatterjee. 27th Octr, 2016.


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