Importance Of Web Optimization and Ways To Achieve It – Part 1

We are living in a technology laden world, where the internet plays a major role. The World Wide Web (WWW) is brimming with websites for every small thing we can consider. The Internet has changed our lives up to a great extent and will be doing this from now on.

The Internet can help the users to find out about anything, like from a small minute thing to an important thing with just the click of a button. For any business house, it’s important for them to gain a foot-hold in the cyber world. So, that they can stay ahead of their competitors and achieve success in their business very easily.

You should accept the fact that, if your website is not optimized then you will be ultimately losing sales.

Web Optimization – A Vital Part

Just designing a website for one’s business, does not end the woes of the business house at all. The website needs to be optimized, in order to get the best possible results. Website optimization forms a vital part of web development and maintenance, which are sometimes overlooked by the webmasters.

Through this process, one can systematically improve the performance of one’s website. Hence, it can very easily meet the business objectives or goals like getting more leads, sales, traffic, and readership of the site if done properly.

Website Optimization should not be confused with SEO. Both of them are poles apart, and both are needed for a website. But, as for now I am going to focus on Web Optimization only.

The Difference

The definition of Website Optimization is stated as, “Website Optimization is an art that tests and improves websites to better engage and convert their visitors, by combining website testing, analytics, usability, and online marketing best practices.” (Source: Rich Page, from ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day’).

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves the process of “ affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.” (Source: Wikipedia).

Need Of Website Optimization?

Well web optimization’s primary aim is to increase the conversion rates and affects visitors after they arrive on a particular website.

Web Optimization is critical on the grounds that it should help your website visitors face success or achievement whenever they will be visiting your website. Each time a visitor, goes to your site wanting to find an answer to their queries, or find an answer to their issue, etc. When you will be optimizing your site, it would become easier for the visitors to use it and accomplish their task.

Let us suppose, that you are having an eCommerce site that offers clothes,then you can optimize the site in order to expand the number of visitors and purchases made by the individuals who are going to visit your site. On optimizing your website, your website will be of huge success for your business. A more effective website can help to increase the revenue for your business or ROI by getting new business leads.

Things Which Can Be Optimized For Your Website

Each businesses is different from one another. Based on this factor, each website will need to be optimized for distinctive things. For this you will need to understand two things:

What is your site guest’s purpose?

At the end of the day, what undertaking would they, say they are attempting to perform? When you know this you realize what conduct you’re attempting to help and encourage. On the off chance that their objective is to discover a vocation, you can concentrate on getting them to one side spot on your site.

What are your business Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)?

Ideally, your business objectives are identified with your visitor’s objectives. Comprehend what you are attempting to improve your site for is the initial phase in choosing what to test, change and fix. Organize your business destinations for your site and those business objectives will help you Once you’ve recognized the needs of both your business and your site guests you can then figure out what you ought to improve first.

Here are some of the major areas, which can be focussed on while optimizing a website.

Landing Page – Optimizing your site means optimizing the landing pages, which the visitors first come into contact when they will enter your site. Optimizing the landing pages on your site can lead to lower bounce rates and more conversions. This can help to gain the confidence of the visitors, that they’re in the right spot to get their inquiries replied. Try not to mistake landing pages for your home page. (For this you can have a look at the reports of the top landing pages in the analytics section, in order to find out which landing pages of your website can be optimized).

Home Page – This is a vital part of your site on the web. A vast part of your web traffic will utilize this as the take-off point for their onward journey. Website optimization will require a certain amount of time to be spent on upgrading the home page. Gather insights on what individuals need to achieve when they go to your home page and add an optimization plan to address those issues.

Checkout process -This factor forms a vital part for those who are having an online store or an e-commerce company. Optimization opportunities can be improved by studying the behavioral process of the customers at the checkout point.

These are just a few areas where website optimization can be immediately valuable, but the best bet is to look at your site performance through the dual lens of what your visitors want to achieve and what your main business objectives are.

Having said all that, next you will need to know how to achieve website optimization.

In the next part of this blog post, we will help you out with the process through which website optimization can be done.

A post by Soumi Biswas. 11th May, 2015.


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