Imgur Will Credit Your Photos, Whenever, Wherever They Are Shared

Here’s news. Imgur is all set to auto-credit authors when you share pictures.

The photo sharing platform is now featuring a new tool for embedding images that will allow users to take any picture from the site and share it on another site with the caption, author information and comments intact. Embedding images via Imgur has been possible earlier, too. But, the update has permitted more information to pour in, which is good.

The update: A new embed link will appear on posts, under ‘post options.’ There will be an HTML code which you have to copy and paste on your website. The embed will be posted with assigned credits as well as number of views and comments.

From Imgur’s side: The updated has been enabled with a responsive design in mind.


In one way, it seems as if Imgur is on a spree of tackling digital copyright infringement issues. Online writers and photographers would be exhilarated, don’t you think? But, if you look at it the other way, you’ll know how it is entirely about SELF ENDORSEMENT; the embedded post will link back to the original post on the platform. Okay, let’s replace the ‘entirely’ tag with an ‘almost.’ Yes, it is almost yelling out, “Hey! Look over. I exist, umm…with fabulous photographs and GIFs.”

But, whatever it is, the step would definitely be a healthy one, noting how Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are already supporting rich embedding features. Of course, there will be a trimmer unit to keep away unwanted details.

So, image hosts, beware. And Imgur, happy promoting yourself.


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