How to Halloween: 6 Creepy Things to Search on the Internet this October

Jack-O-Lantern is history. Ghoul dressing and scary masks are out too. It’s time to save the chills for yourself now!

But, what would you possibly look for on the Internet this Halloween? Check out this list for the most creepiest, scariest things to surf the web for (Warning: Stuff not for lily livers!).

1. The audio tape of Anneliese Michel: If you’ve already watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Yes, she’s the real Emily Rose and it’s her authentic voice recorded during a failed attempt of exorcism. She died of reported negligent homicide. A serious case of demonic possession (?) with diagnosed epilepsy and schizophrenia, Michel’s audio tops the list of the most scary audio tapes ever made. Check it out on YouTube.

2. The Hands Resist Him: It’s a painting, a rather disturbing painting to be precise, created by artist Bill Stoneham. A boy stands with a girl doll nearby in front of a glass door. Spooky, it is how the glass door has many hands pressed against it. The late artist says, the painting is of himself, aged five, the door representing the partition between the real world and the other world. Rumors are that this painting is haunted and cursed, with claims that the characters come to life at night, sometimes leaving the painting and entering the room. To add fuel to the fire, the owner of the gallery where it was first exhibited and the art critique who first reviewed it, both died within a year of seeing ‘The Hands Resist Him.’

3. Creepy Pasta: Sometimes words have the power to scare you more than any audio or visual effect. Creepy Pasta is one such platform. It’s a hard core spook site promoting ‘micro-fiction.’ Read, write and share your own incidents and ghost stories over here. And yes, kindly ignore the ads. Under 18s, please stay out of this.

4. The House: Are you willing to enter an abandoned house where an entire family committed suicide somewhere in 1970? All by yourself? You can. At least in a game, yes. Sinthai’s The House is a horror game. An interactive one. Best played alone. In the dark of the night. With speakers on. It isn’t a very difficult one keeping to clicking from one room into the next. But, on the spook-o-meter, this one gets a 10.

5. Marble Hornets: See and feel spook. Marble Hornet is an YouTube account and a film project that tells haunted tales and presents some spooky raw footage of a haunted (?) place originally shot by one Alex Kralie and published by his friend, Jay Merrick. What makes it horror? The ambiance and the video shot in real-time. A definite try for the sake of Halloween.

6. The Bongcheon-Dong Ghost: It’s a Korean comic illustrated with sound effects. But, don’t underestimate it after knowing this. It’s based on a true story and on the accounts given by eye witnesses. Visit the site, put your speakers on and scroll down. Enough said, already!

Now try sleeping with the lights off. Go on…

A post by Chayanika Deka. 29th of October, 2014.


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