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How to Effectively Indulge in a Successful Mobile App Promotion?

The mobile phone revolution has such a huge impact on the customer market, that a majority of them is switching to their smartphones and other handheld devices to avail different services, purchase products, send emails, book tickets, play games, and the likes! It goes without saying that accomplishing such activities is way more convenient with the different mobile apps. Even though, promoting a mobile app seems to be a mammoth task, with the right strategies you can steer clear of all the complications engaging the process. The complications of mobile app promotion can be shredded with content marketing and mobile marketing. Clear all your doubts regarding content marketing and mobile marketing with the following write-up –

A. An overview of Content Marketing:-

Content marketing can yield optimum results in mobile app promotion, courtesy some advantageous aspects including, relevant marketing, effective targeting, ensuring the conversion of potential leads, etc. As stated by the best mobile app development companies, content marketing refers to delivering the premium content, that can engage your potential app users. In maximum cases, it is the quality content that ultimately encourages people to install your app or stay tuned for it in future. Ensure that both the content marketing and SEO(Seach Engine Optimization) go hand in hand. Also, when opting for digital marketing you should share both the visual and audio content ( i.e. videos, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, slides, whitepapers, etc.) via different social media platforms. Followings are some of the most reliable marketing channels to fetch a successful content marketing –

Email marketing:-

When opting for email marketing for promoting your mobile app, ensure to provide the recipients with interesting content like screenshots, blogs, articles, user reviews, etc.

Social media content:-

Opt for the widely used social media podiums such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to distribute your content, thus building a remarkable social media engagement. Interact with your intended users and add some characters from your app brand as well.

AdWords content:-

When it comes to AdWords, take the content of your display ads and landing page into account. The landing pages must have a clear call to action for installing the app with some supporting content like screenshots, videos, reviews, etc.

B. An introduction to Mobile Marketing:-

In today’s mobile era, about half of the world’s population swears by their cell phones to meet even the smallest of their requirements. Owing to a plethora of benefits, mobile marketing can spell a huge success in promoting a mobile app. As per the experts, an effective way to promote a mobile app is to include a widget or a page on your website for explaining the core benefits of it. In addition, it can also help your clients and prospects to be directed to your mobile app. They can even install your app right away if they are browsing from their mobile devices. Below are discussed a few options in regards to mobile marketing –

Increase your app’s availability:-

Ensure that your mobile app is available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. About
50% of the users rely on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to install an app. So, it is imperative to have your app accurately listed in these storefronts.

Announce your app via emails:-

You can email your intended customers to announce your app. On social media, you can even craft a post regarding the benefits of it and include a direct download link.

Offline promotion:-

Offline promotion via television and print work serves to signpost the traffic to the App stores for installing your app. Use the handset detection trick for identifying the handset and subsequently driving the traffic to your app to the right app store for making it easier more the mobile users detect the app.

Word of mouth:-

Words of mouth or customer recommendations can work wonders in raising the awareness of your app.

Wrapping up:-

Having a mobile app for your company can take your brand to a new height and enable you to stay connected with your audiences for 24/7. This brand exposure is crucial to building a loyal customer base. Abide by some of the afore-mentioned tricks for giving your mobile app promotion the required tweak.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 09th November, 2017.


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