Here’s Why You Should Focus on Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly websites are about to get higher ranks in Google search results. The search engine’s mobile ranking algorithm is all set to officially incorporate mobile-friendly features and app indexing. So, those with old, ancient websites, gear up! It’s time you accept the revamp.

What is a mobile-friendly design?
Let us call it an approach toward web design, specifically to facilitate an optimal viewing experience in ranging mobile devices that include smartphones and tablet PCs. Such sites easily fit on any screen size provided, with a minimum of resizing and scrolling, regardless of the browser type used, operating system run, or the resolution included. The look is simple and the navigation is very smooth.

Why do we need such a design?
Accessing the Internet on the go has become the new fashion. People are more engrossed in surfing the big web on a mobile device than on desktops or laptops. And, noticing the drastic rise in smartphone users, making your site fit for smartphones seems like a good way to go. In fact, it is inevitable; there is no denying it.

How will search engine ranks be affected?
If your website is misconfigured for mobile devices, or you do not have a such a site at all, then there are chances that Google will penalize it. According to the new criteria of ranking set by Google Webmasters, the search engine will prefer to show mobile-friendly sites in search results than others; Mobilegeddon, they are calling it, where mobile-friendliness is a ranking signal. So, unless and until your site is compliant with the Mobile Optimization Guidelines set by Google, it will be nowhere in the scene.

Mobilegeddon: What’s in store?
Google has not disclosed much detail. But, here are a few things that can be assumed:

  • Googlebot will look for CSS and JavaScript to see if a site passes the mobile-friendly test.
  • Responsive design will not affect ranking.
  • The mobile-friendliness of a site shall be counted at the page level and not for the entire site.
  • Mobilegeddon will not affect tablet PCs.
  • A mobile index from the search engine is on its way.

Another ranking signal will be the information gathered from indexed apps for signed-in users who install the app. The search engine will highlight content more from indexed apps. The update will hit the Internet on the 21st of this April this year. And, because mobile devices are so critical to businesses, it is time you craft out a mobile-friendly device without fail and generate leads.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 4th May, 2015.


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