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Google’s Latest Rules to Ensure A Better Android App Development

Owing to the Innumerable advantageous features, Android applications have already become all the rage the world across. Awesome interface, convenient customization, capacity to support multiple devices are to name a few of the major benefits of Android apps. As of today, cent percent companies are opting for Android app development for their mobile devices and the upcoming or new businesses are soon to be included in this list. Not just an Android app can help a budding business stay afloat amidst this competitive world, but can also increase the audience engagement and conversion rate. However, with an aim of boosting the security, integrity, and quality of Android apps, Google has recently tightened some of the app store rules for the app developers. The major aim of revising Google play developer programme policies is to deter the different abusive practices. Some of these revised rules are queued up here in this following snippet –

Inappropriate content selection is restricted:-

Earlier, Google Play used to put a ban only on the sexually-explicit materials. This said, if a content is intended to be sexually provocative, it is less likely to be appreciated by the Google Play. The revision not just includes the apps that contain sexually-provocative content, but also takes those apps into account that strive to promote it. Apart from the sexually-provocative content, Google has put a restriction on several other topics as well. The topics that encourage violence, bullying, child endangerment, harassment, hate speech, gambling, illegal activities, user-generated content and sensitive events are also not beyond the ambit of Google’s restriction.

Deceptive promotions are prohibited:-

No mobile app development service should ever use the deceptive ads on a website, an app or elsewhere that includes the simulated system, app notifications or alerts. They might not use the installation or promotion tactics, that can cause redirection to the Google Play or start downloading an app minus any informed user content. Also, the app developers are strictly prohibited to engage in the unsolicited promotional activities via SMS services.

In-app payment disclosure:-

The in-app payments have always been a great source of controversies for both the iOS and Android devices. As per the reports, in the month of January, FTC and Apple had announced some huge bucks of settlement to end a lawsuit over the children indulging in unauthorized in-app purchases. Also, the Google Play policies have ensured that the app developers should disclose the possible charges when app descriptions mention the features subject to in-app fees.

The clarification of Ads policy:-

Amplifying its restrictions on the UI elements and deceptive app promotion camouflaged as system notifications, Google needs to ensure that “all advertising behavior must be properly attributed to, or clearly presented in context with the app it came along with.” In other words, the users should be able to detect exactly which app is presenting each advertisement.

Clarification on Interference system:-
Google has had previously banned adding content partner links to the bookmarks or home screen of a user. The revised rules by Google can expand this restriction to forbid modifying bookmarks or settings.

Gear up to build the world’s most trusted source for Android apps, following the afore-mentioned developer program policies.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 12th October, 2017.


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