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Get Acquainted with the Ways Google Actually Rank Your Content

They say, “for all types of web pages, creating high-quality content takes a significant amount of the followings – time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill.” As Bill Gates had aptly stated, “content is the king indeed”, especially when it comes to promoting your business website. Albeit, graphics attract the customers’ attention the most, it is the words that ultimately succeed in conveying the maximum information. As per the recent report, the Hubspot suggests that the irrelevant content can cause a dire impact on your search engine rankings. Every publisher wants an improved search engine ranking. It always feels great to find that one of your links is appearing among the top-ten Google search results.

It goes without saying that a well-written piece of content can easily engage the visitors. Everyone who has dabbled in the Search Engine Optimization knows some specific ways to tweak the SEO rankings. From publishing premium content based on the best of keywords to churning out attractive titles and encouraging visitors to link back to your content – it entails a heck of a rigmarole to optimize for a better search engine ranking. But, they are not just enough! Below are mentioned a few more factors that Google takes into account while ranking a content –

Click-through rate:-

Even though your link might appear on Google’s first page, if it is not generating ample traffics, it would be eventually shifted to the second/third page. The other links that succeed to generate more traffic would be shifted up gradually. Google needs to keep a tab on your click-through rate when recalibrating your SEO rankings. Always remember that Google has to continually calculate not only your rankings but also millions of other links. Hence, your link will be compared to other links and shuffled around accordingly. As, it is an ongoing procedure, all the links that have an improved click-through rates are better than those links appearing to you. If your links can attract more clicks than the link before you, the positions will be interchanged. It is one of the most lesser-known ranking strategies that seem to have been implemented recently.

Bounce rate:-

The bounce rate refers to the number/percentage in which a visitor abandons your site from the Landing page sans even browsing it any further. If your website has been abandoned by the visitors, Google might consider that your website has failed to meet its purpose. So, you should always consider the bounce rate from the perspective of Google. As per Google’s perspective, bounce rate refers to a visitor that clicks a link from the search engine page, and subsequently, returns to the same page without exploring the nooks and crannies of your website. The bounce rate goes higher when the number of visitors leaving your website increases. A website with a high bounce rate is considered to have the smattering of useful content.

Website traffic:-

Google keeps a tab on the traffic of your website as well. Even though you lack the required search engine rankings, Google will expect you to generate more from several other sources. Hence, you may need to advertise your links on different social media platforms, including, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Always remember, the more traffic you will generate, the better will be your search engine rankings.

Time a visitor invests on your site:-

When a visitor lands on your homepage, he/she takes at least five to six seconds to decide whether to stay there or switch to another site. There are two important aspects, that play a crucial role in helping them narrow down the final decision – one being the graphics, and the other, the content. The quality of the content writing of your site builds the image of your brand. If your website is thronging with appealing and crisp texts, chances are high that your visitors will stick to your website and will keep coming back in the future. So, consider building premium-quality content to ensure that it helps you receive a better ranking in the future.

As, now you have grabbed a brief idea of how Google ranks your content, consider applying some of these strategies to fetch the desired results. You can invest in the professional content development companies to ease out the task as well.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 27th October, 2017.


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