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Get Acquainted with Some of the Major SEO Benefits of Blogging

As Bill Gates had once stated,“content is the king” indeed, especially if it is for giving a boost to your business website. Even though graphics grab the audiences’ attention mostly, it is the content that provides the maximum amount of information. Be it for engaging the visitors or conveying your messages loud and clear, the benefits of a well-written blog are galore. These apart, your blogs can play a crucial role in boosting your SEO as well. Wondering how? Squeeze in sometimes to give the following blog a shot to know more in this regard –

• Keeps your website updated:-

Google is more likely to give precedence to the websites, which update their content on a regular basis. Uploading unique and engaging content can help you keep your site in-demand always. When an audience lands on your website, he/she takes a while to decide if to stick to it or switch to any other site. As discussed earlier, there are mainly two aspects that can influence their decisions – one being the graphics and the other, the content. The quality of your blogs helps beef up the reputation of your brand. If your website is brimming with appealing and crisp content, then the visitors will be propelled to keep coming back. Moreover, the updated and premium content is always great for the SEO robots.

• Attracts internal and external links:-

At the time of crawling the web, the search engine tends to measure the number of external sites linking to your site. It is the external links which prove whether your website contains useful and relevant content. A premium-quality content could serve as a useful link bait for other websites in regards to producing other external links. Also, blogs take the helm in offering internal links to those web pages, which are lying deep within your website. One of the prime purposes of a search engine is encouraging all your pages to refer one another, and are tied together coherently. Not only can blogs help you refer your services or products, but can also produce an impressive internal linking structure.

Offers more indexed pages:-

When you write a content, every post gets indexed in the SEO as a single page. Owning more pages cannot correlate with an improved ranking. However, it keeps Google’s robots on your website for a longer time span and proffers a huge variety in your content.

Helps expand your keywords:-

In today’s era of Internet marketing, the importance of keywords is no longer unknown to those who have at least the basic knowledge of SEO. The way the search engine will rank a website is largely dependent on the keywords contained by it. A website that contains a large gamut of searched keywords is more likely to get a better ranking on Google. This happens mainly because the viewers assume that the websites with more searched keywords will have better content.

Link bait:-

Back-linking is an important factor to be considered by the search engine while ranking a website. If a website does not have adequate back-linkings, then Google might not include it as a useful site. If the domain owns plenty of backlinks, then Google will consider the website useful. However, you won’t be benefited by the backlinks, that belong to any low-quality or unrelated website. This is where the importance of blogs come into play. With every blog post, your audiences will receive another link to share. It will also help you generate your backlinks by sharing more blogs on your social media accounts.

Empowers images:-

By incorporating impressive images in your content, you can allow search engines to find your website easily. Ensure that you enlist them as per the keywords or search items, and then repeat the action for the ‘all-texts’. Make sure to craft your ‘all-texts’ for two purposes – information and search engine optimization.

Increases popularity on social media:-

Google is said to return the social media search results. If you can connect your content to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you offer search engine one more thing when your audiences search for your company. As long as you can use search terms in your meta descriptions and titles, you will empower your search engines through different social media listings.

Wrapping up:-

Now, you must have understood why blogging is essential to boost your search engine results. A blog can be a powerful search engine strategy for amping up your website. Hence, make sure to invest both your time and money in building great blogging sites that can impact your SEO to a large extent.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 25th January, 2018.


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