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In contemporary search engine optimization LSI search is extensively used by the professionals. It is therefore important to understand LSI and its significance. Abbreviated as Latent Semantic Indexing, the LSI keywords are related keywords to original words or phrases. Before the use of these keywords, experts of SEO company in India utilized basic keywords to determine the relevancy of a blog post or an article. Nowadays, owing to the alteration in Google algorithm LSI keywords are considered very important in search engine optimization.

Most search engines like Google, yahoo encourage owners of website to utilize LSI keyword to expand and diversify the overall purpose of blogs, articles, press releases.

How to Use LSI Keywords

It is pretty lucid to utilize the LSI keywords. While writing a blog post about “Web Site Development Using C#” bloggers are required to find a list of possible LSI keywords. They can search these keywords by typing “Website Development Using C#” on search engines like Google when a list of keywords appears. Yet another way of finding more of these keywords is by using the Keyword Demon, Keyword Planner.

Now it is important to understand where to use such keywords. Affordable SEO company uses LSI key phrases in headings, subheadings, title, description meta tag, external links.

The main keyword in a blog is repeated a number of times with the objective of augmenting the rank of the content in search engines. This attracts web traffic to the content. The use of LSI keywords on the other hand is directed towards gaining authority in search engine optimization as well as enhancing ranking in search engine results pages. There are many advantages of using LSI keywords to boost search engine rankings of website contents. However, a few important ones are provided in this post.

Prevent from being called a spammer

With LSI it is not required to repeat a given word or phrase again and again. This has very much aided in preventing others from calling you a spammer.

Use More Keywords

At least 10 different keyphrases, the blogger can use to make his content relevant as well as unique. More the creativity, greater is the chances of staying ahead of competition.

Engage your Readers

LSI words, increase readability and therefore these keywords when used with standard key phrases makes a content interesting and it simply helps in gaining authority online. Therefore, experts of SEO company in India use LSI words extensively to engage the readers of posted contents.

How Does Keyword Demon Help You With LSI?

Keyword Demon uses involved algorithms to compile an LSI keyword list and such compilation is based on the target keyword. The list can also be used as secondary keywords for websites and such practice helps content rank higher and quicker. Keyword demon is also helpful in implementing different SEO strategies.

Use Of Keyword Planner tool in Searching LSI Keywords

Keyword planner is a more modern tool to search for LSI keywords, examine how a keyword list performs or create a new keyword list using several lists of keywords together. It is a free Adwords tool and it also helps in choosing competitive bids, budgets to be used in campaigns.

A post by Chandrasekhar Bhattacharjee. 25th of September, 2014.


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