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Different Social Media Platforms to Benefit Your Business

In today’s Internet-bound era, even the thought of fathoming a single moment minus social media can freak us out! Once invented as a podium of communication, the social media has become the breather for us, today. However, the consistent upgradation of social platforms has made it imperative for the business hubs to continuously create their social media marketing strategies to remain at the par with the current industry demands. Owing to the growing predominance of social media, most of the entrepreneurs are relying on different social media platforms. Each of these platforms is tailored for a particular goal, although some of them share almost the same features. In this following snippet, we have dug out some of the highly popular social media platforms, that can spell truckloads of benefits to spruce up your business –

Social network:-

Nothing can surpass the capabilities of social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., in regards to establishing new connections. You can rely on these sites to connect with many people from every nook and corner of the globe. These social networks are cited as one of the most powerful social media podiums, because they can help you tap into a massive audience base, ranging in all ages. By extending your business in such social networking platforms can enable you to produce as well as join different organizations and groups. This way, it will be easier for you to share the relevant information and also meet the promotional needs of your brand.

Social media sharing network:-

Sometimes, blowing your own trumpet might be a boon for your brand’s growth. Well, here we are talking about different social media sharing networks, where you can promote your brand by sharing videos, snaps and other important info. Maximum people count on media sharing networks for finding photos, live videos, documentaries, graphics, and videos, that are published and shared over the Internet. These social media platforms can take a helm in spreading awareness of your brand, generating more leads, engaging more audiences and also meeting your prime social media objectives. Some of the most popular and reliable social media sharing networks include Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Social media discussion forums:-

Nothing comes close to the social media discussion forums including, Digg, Reddit, Quora, etc. when it comes to sharing new ideas and news. The needs of different discussion forums steps in when we need the relevant reference to any specific topic. Many business hubs even swear by these discussion forums for receiving proper responses to the frequently asked questions. Also, using these forums, they can share opinions about different other topics among their groups. These networks are extremely reliable for indulging in a thorough market research. By using appropriate content, you can advertise your products or services through these platforms.

Customer feedback network:-

Without your customers’ full-fledged supports, you can’t take your brand to the next levels. Hence, it is imperative that you constantly keep a tab on your customers’ necessities, preferences, and feedbacks. Their valuable feedbacks will help you chalk out the necessary aspects for ensuring your brand’s future growth. The visitors bump into the customer feedback network sites like Zomato, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc., to get an honest review of a brand/ product/ service. These sites usually throng with testimonials about different brands, services and products. Backed by such feedbacks, you can ensure your intended audiences that your business not just claims tall.

Content publishing networks:-

There is no any other effective way to publish your web content than using the blog publishing networks such as WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, etc. Apart from promoting your web content, these blog posting networks can also help you share your valuable comments at others’ works and get a plenty of other resources as referrals. In the world today, where content is considered the king, the trend of content marketing owns paramount importance in boosting customer engagement.

Social media shopping networks:-

If you are looking to get updates of a high-end brand, sport the current trends, or shop online, then counting on the social media shopping networks like Etsy, Fancy, Polyvore, etc., can spell huge benefits. Besides giving your brand the required fodder for growth, these sites can extend your brand to different social media shopping networks, boost your brand awareness and thus offers your consumers innovative ways to purchase your services and products.

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A post by Tania Ghosh. 19th January, 2018.


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