Compare to choose the ideal CMS tool for IT business

Website creation is an art practiced by a section of IT professionals. In contemporary times there are available numerous softwares to create attractive websites and portals. Nowadays, few prefer to use obsolete design and development tools like HTML, CSS, Flash that existed a decade ago. Most prefer to use content management system to design and develop top rated sites. The reason being lucid and is because of factors like

  • CMS is cheaper
  • It is faster
  • It is easier


By Content Management System we have three options and to achieve our objective in the design and development of quality portals we can select either of them. The options include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The choice of a CMS tool is, however dependent on the users experience and skill. For beginners who are interested in building small and medium sized blogs, WordPress is the ideal choice. Joomla is the perfect choice for those keen to develop e-Commerce sites. Drupal is the most powerful CMS and it is very hard to use. Only the very skilled can use this with utmost proficiency.


The advantages of these CMS tools are many. Starting with the first content management tool, namely the wordpress. It is a very popular CMS tool used by many in the creation of blogs and websites.

The following are its features and properties:-

  • It is easy to install

    Web hosting companies provide auto installation of WordPress sites. In this process a site can be hosted within 5-10 minutes.

  • It is customizable

    The WordPress site can be made customizable and this implies that the software has a number of plug-ins, themes and other customization features that are available for it. The popularity of WordPress is the reason for the availability of so many customization features.

  • It is free

    The software is free to install

  • It has community support

    Since the software has many users wordwide, therefore any problem associated with the install and use of this tool can be referred to an online community who come up with viable solutions for the users to use.


Drupal is second on the popularity chart. It is an open source program and is quite powerful. As compared to WordPress it is less resource intensive. Users can use this software to create simple blogs as well as complicated web sites.

The following are the benefits of the software:-

  • It is technically advanced

    It is the most technically advanced among the three CMS tools.

  • It improves performance

    This CMS tool augments performance of the website. With this web pages open more quickly and have faster response times as compared to Joomla and WordPress.

  • It is customizable

    It is easy to customize and for people with sufficient programming knowledge the tool is simple to use.

  • It is free

    The software is available for free. It can be easily downloaded from the web and installed on a server.


Joomla is the CMS tool that has functions in between that of WordPress and Drupal. It also is a powerful CMS that can efficiently run on varied web servers without any problem. It is easy to use as it takes less technical knowledge to operate. It provides an abundance of features and plugins. This makes customization of websites simple with this tool.

The advantages of using Joomla are as follows:-

  • Social Networking

    With this software it is extremely simple, easier and faster to create social networks.

  • Commerce sites

    Joomla can also be used to create a simple yet attractive e-Commerce websites.

  • Less technicalities

    To use this tool one does not need to be very much technically sound. Most people manage to use the software without any beforehand knowledge about it.

  • Availability of Help Portal

    There is a help portal available with the software. Users’ use this portal to get help regarding the use of the software.

  • The software is free

    The software is available for free on the web. Users download and install it on their servers.

A post by Chandrasekhar Bhattacharjee. 11th of September, 2014.


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