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Common Goofs to Keep at Bay while Constructing A WordPress Website

The term WordPress can instantly ring a bell in your head! Since its inception, owing to its legions of benefits WordPress has been taking the CMS market by storm! Besides offering a convenient interface for designing and managing a website, WordPress helps in churning out premium websites dealing with complex data that strictly require a constant upgradation. However, you must be adequately vigilant while developing a WordPress site. Although, “to err is human” but “to forgive” might be optional if you happen to commit errors while creating a WordPress site. In the below-mentioned excerpt, we are shedding a light on some of the most common goofs that one may commit while constructing a WordPress site. Hope you build a better, faster and more secure WordPress site keeping these goofs at bay –

Narrowing down a wrong platform:-

One of the most common errors the WordPress website development experts tend to commit is to choose the wrong platform. As per the web design experts, you ought to jot down your requisites prior to zeroing in on a platform. Once you are done with understanding your prime requisites, you will be able to decide whether to opt for a free WordPress.com blog or to rely on a self-hosted installation for fetching impeccable outcomes. When you are beginning the stint as an amateur, it is imperative that you get a thorough understanding of the differences between these aforementioned platform types. Sans a thorough knowledge, you cannot pick an apt platform for building a compelling WordPress site.

Overlooking the structure of default permalink:-

WordPress produces legions of permalinks by default during installation. They act as the permanent hyperlinks to the content. Overlooking these default links can trigger dire consequences for your search engine practice. Hence, they should be changed as promptly as possible. You can accomplish this task by visiting through Dashboard#View Setting#Permalinks. According to the eminent WordPress website development service providers, the SEO-friendly permalink structure can work wonders for improving the rank of a newly-constructed site.

Keeping the default admin username unchanged:-

Installing WordPress can automatically create “Admin” with the administrator privileges. By leaving this user in your WordPress installation, you will unknowingly pave ways for the hackers to violate the security or privacy of your website. During the installation process, WordPress provides an option to change the username and password. Make sure to change the username during the installation procedure in order to protect your website from all the looming threats.

Complicating the tags and categories:-

The categories and tags can help categorize the content of your site. This practice can leave your WordPress websites with complex structures. Make sure to keep away from the practice of creating several categories for helping the visitors navigate from one page to another. Not valuing the approach might affect the entire search engine practice. Additionally, it will increase the loading speed of your website, that can further contribute to driving the users away from the website. Hence, it is required to restrict the categories and tags for keeping everything uncomplicated for the users.

Opting for inappropriate selectors:-

The implementation of inappropriate tag for the WordPress design can take a huge toll on the overall quality of your web design. The WordPress designs ought to be placed into #text-content, while it has been discernible that most of the professionals are into a practice of storing these designs into #content tag instead of #content-text tags. It can be sorted by cutting and pasting the designs from #content tag to the #text-content tags.

Keeping no tab on the backups:-

Many users fail to understand the importance of keeping a tab on the backup. What they fail to recognize is the fact that the data should be stored along with the automatic backup. Plugins are considered to be the best ways to keep the data protected. It reduces the manual efforts and keeps the data aloof from any threat.

Not making your website responsive:-

In today’s Internet-dominant world, website developers are emphasizing more on how they can provide easy accessibilities of websites across different handheld devices. This is where the importance of responsive websites comes into play. These days, the tech-savvy users are rapidly moving towards different types of digital gadgets and hence it is imperative that you opt for responsive designs while creating your WordPress website.

Wrapping up:-

By browsing through the above-mentioned goofs and taking the mentioned tricks into your account, you can stay away from committing even the most common blunders while constructing a WordPress site. So, get set buckle up for churning out an amazing WordPress site.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 05th October, 2017.


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