Check Out A Brief Overview of Codeigniter Framework

Codeigniter framework is taking the whole world by storm, thanks to truckloads of advantageous features it has to offer. However, despite drawing a huge deal of appreciation, Codeigniter is still unknown to many online marketers, thanks to the smattering of information available about it. Till a couple of years ago, CodeIgniter was merely considered as a nice-to-have feature of mobile app development and hence, clients used to pay a very less amount of attention to it. But, the scenario has changed a lot, as these days, CodeIgniter has turned into an integral aspect of website development. Keen to know more about it? Look into the following excerpt to fulfill your wish –

Get a brief idea on CodeIgniter?

Codeigniter refers to an open-source development web application framework, which is based on PHP Web platform. An exponentially powerful and effective framework, CodeIgniter is mainly developed for website developers to create the rich applications of Codeigniter. In fact, it is especially churned out for the PHP coders ( who look for a convenient web architecture where they can work without any hassle. Also, owing to its simple yet sophisticated toolkit, it can work wonders in establishing full-featured web applications. One thing that requires an attention is that it is usually based on the widely-known Model-View-Controller development pattern.

A sneak-peek at more details of Codeigniter:-

With the above-mentioned description, you must have already received a brief idea about Codeigniter. Now, it is time to get acquainted with some other details in this regard. So, here we go with an, even more, detail depiction about CodeIgniter and its efficacy in stepping up the process of mobile app development. An MVC-based framework, Codeigniter is said to proffer a marvelous web environ for the professional designers as well as developers, as it aids minimize all the development time. There is no denying the fact that, a beautifully churned out dynamic website can speak volumes about your online business. One of the best aspects of Codeigniter web application framework is that it provides benefits galore in building dynamic websites with PHP platforms. As a result, designers can have a better experience in churning out an e-commerce website. Also, the professional web developers will be glad to know that it only requires a small footprint.

A faster and lighter framework:-

The biggest benefit of Codeigniter is that it is a lighter yet a faster framework in comparison with other PHP frameworks. Codeigniter web development framework has garnered a huge deal of appreciation for its impressively fast speed. It is not exaggerating to say that when you count on a powerful Framework like CodeIgniter, not only you can save your time, but also save some huge bucks.

Wrapping up:-

With the exponential advancement in technology, mobile app development is undoubtedly taking off on a high note. It is imperative for online marketers to put mobile app development at the top of their list so that they never miss out on further opportunities for growth, success, and profit. The major purpose behind

Codeigniter framework is that even the most complicated projects can be developed with a greater ease and speed. Also, one can focus on a project by minimizing the total amount of codes required for a certain task with innovative ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and beef up your business with Codeigniter apps development.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 10th Apr, 2017.


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