Trends of iOs app development

Best latest trends in mobile app development for iOS

Risk and return go simultaneously. It is the businessman who takes an initiative to accomplish the responsibility of taking his company to the glories. Your website is the Internet face of your organization. One must target to make it more competent and attractive to your viewers. Even your business should be strongly backed with highly advanced technology by hiring professionals for helping you gain greater credibility, trustworthiness, SEO friendly, competitive over others. Various iPhone app development service providers and iOS developers like us are readily offering helping hands to entrepreneurs, startups and business units for making a user-friendly mobile app.

We have technologies evolving continuously. The advancement in Iphone and Ipad has made the world experience new transformation. With each and every latest version and updates, Apple’s operating system brings new facilities, potential and threat for developers. Mainly, its latest version comes with the objections around functionality. The enhanced UI, new APIs, and frameworks for iOS developers make mobile app development for iOS a relevant topic for discussion.

Here are some of the latest trends in best mobile app development for iOS which each developer need to be prepared for:

Swift Coding:
Having features that developers love to work with, Swift is a powerful, fun-loving, interactive and instinctive programming language for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and macOS. All Apple platforms and even Linux supports it. The latest version Swift 3 have improvements which has made code writing more natural and consistent with others. By downloading Xcode 8 beta developers can easily use this new version and can move automatically from previous to latest Swift 3 syntax. Complete guide to Swift 3

Inclination towards more free application:
Presently all e-commerce company developed apps are free whereas gaming and other noncommercial apps would also become free soon. Around 75% of apps are free right now and it is anticipated that there will be a hike of 25% in it. Earlier iOS emphasized upon paid apps but alike android mobiles now they also changed the trend to free apps. iOS App developers must be proficient at creating upgrades, securing the appropriate advertising and featuring fully secured procuring structure.

Cloud-based application:
Cloud computing allows you to store and access data and programs over the Internet and not on your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud-based applications have made it a hot topic in the application market because it offers numerous benefits to both, an app developer and an end-user. This technology allows users to access app across multiple devices and developers to reduce the app size.

Beta 5:
Now available Beta 5 of Xcode 8 includes Swift 3 and Software development kits that you may use to develop and test apps for the newly released iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

New lock sound facility, louder Keyboard clicks, Music output icon has changed in Apple Music / Control Center. Darker widget background and Touch ID-based Download apps are some of the key features the developers need to pay attention.

Simplified Screenshot submission process:
iTunes Connect has made it ever easier to submit screenshots. If your app’s User Interface or attribute changes on the basis of device size, or if you like to consist of localized screenshots, the latest Media Manager can be used to add customed screenshots.

Most businesses, especially those involving mobile marketing requires follow-up of their app user’s location allowing the company to personalize its services. The developer who can figure ways to make iBeacon for geolocation less draining will make the app truly effective.

iOS 10 gives more functionality to Siri by which from one place it can work with apps, beautifully redesigned Maps, Apple Music, Photos, News apps and the Home app, delivering an easy and secured way to control home automation products. iOS 10 grants various chances to developers with Siri, Phones, Maps, Messages etc.

Security available for users is the key query which each end user ask before purchasing any mobile app. Be it gaming app or commercial app it is none other than the developers like us who is entrusted with the responsibility to use high-security features while developing those apps so that those app gain user’s trust. Various app like FaceTime, iMessage etc uses end to end encryption to protect data. Now iOS 10 uses on-device intelligence services to identify the people, objects and scenes in Photos, and power QuickType suggestions.

Testing, analyzing and optimizing your app:
New resources and features are added for better testing, analysis and optimization of your apps. Testers may give feedback on features like Push Notifications for tvOS, Siri kit, latest iOS Extension Application Programming Interfaces, and more. Even developers can learn various means how they can influence in where their application ranks in the search result, helping users to easily discover your app using ASO. App Analytics can also be used.
For best mobile app development for iOS, it is necessary that the developers pay keen attention to the latest trend and updates happening in the iOS world.

A post by Rima Chhajer. 12th Aug, 2016.


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