Apple Watch Playing a Whole New Game

With the launch of Apple Watch, Apple has created a very with variables and several companies intend to have a go at it. Needless to state that there has been a lot of speculation as to the design and functionality of this new launch of Apple.Previouisly, this watch was referred to as the Iwatch and IOS Watch by a majority of people. Comprising of a well-developed technology, this device is a fully wearable one no doubt. Standing in the midst of this modern century, people are looking forward to experience all the latest trends in the extensive field of advanced technology.There is no doubt in the fact that thousands of the latest inventions have impacted our lives to a larger extent. Several relentlessly researches befriending with the zeal to invent the greater technical devices have taken the form of wearable Apple wrist Watches.The concept of the advanced smart watch is certainly nothing new. The Pebble Watch, which was introduced back in 2013, is acknowledged as a previous example of the Smart Watch. Besides allowing the users to view e-mails andreceivenotifications, the advanced Pebble Watchessimultaneously enable their users to receive Weather updates and display a range of information as well. Like the advanced Pebble Watches, the Apple watches require to get connected to the user’s smartphone in order to benefit from the most useful features. Now get your feet wet with the details of the Apple Watch and evaluate whether it can survive in the long run or just fail to ace a test at the end.

Features of the Apple watches

At a first glance, the Apple watch looks pretty similar to your typical wrist watch that comes along with a set of innovative features. Since, the Apple watches come in different sizes, people with both the small and larger wrists find no difficulties in putting it on. Apart from its different sizes, the lucrative designes of Apple watches have succeeded to impress many undoubtedly. People, new to this device, requires to know that the Apple watch is not a stand-alone device.This device is connected via Bluetooth as well as WiFi to an iPhone running iOS.

Hence, it is incapable of working independently and hence must be attached to an Apple device for a smooth functionality. Its screen is comprised of sapphire crystal glass which provides a strong protection against scratches and scrapes.

It has a pretty sensitive touch screen that is eligible to sense even a mild touch or a slight tap with a surprising ease. The tap function of the Apple watch enables its users to pick an item on the screen without much toil. The “force touch” option is equivalent to click on a mouse that induces better,smoother and faster access.

To sum it up

Apple watch is a game changer or is it just a technical gimmick? Well, this watch has still a long way to go in the industry of wearable technology. The apple watch proffers a golden opportunity to set the standard for the new-age wearable devices. It won’t be exaggerating to tag Apple watch as a modern-age game changer that showcases the finest technology designs and functionality.


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