Apple Faces Lawsuit Over iMessage Disappearing

If you have ever owned an iPhone but had to switch, for some reasons, to an Android later, chances are that you you’ll know what ‘iMessage disappearing’ means. For those who haven’t, here’s the story:

Apple has its own line for the new IM trend of messaging app, much like WhatsApp, Viber and the so-controversial Snapchat. It’s called the iMessage app, which lets users send text messages, photos, audio and video clips, documents and even contact information via Apple devices, more specifically, via iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and the Mac, over an active Internet connection.

This app has an added advantage in that, a message that fails to get delivered via iMessage, is sent as a regular text message via the user’s mobile tariff plan. This difference is known by the colors of the text bubbles. For iMessages, the color is blue, while for normal text messages, it’s green. The app comes pre-installed on iPhones and has gained huge popularity and some bad name too.

So, what’s so wrong about it that Apple had to face a lawsuit eventually?
Once an iPhone user picks up an Android device for use, the iMessage app automatically turns angry. For an iMessage user, the messages won’t be delivered to this new Android user at all, or will take aeons to transit. It’s as if Apple’s on a punishing spree for its ex-users who ditched the fruit for the green robot.

Speaking of the lawsuit, it accuses Apple of illegally interfering with users’ WiFi service contracts, obstructing the delivery of messages sent via the iMessage app. Adrienne Moore, the person who sued the company, claims how the entire thing messed up her contract with Verizon Wireless after she had shifted from using an iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S5.

The lame explanation and weak fixes :
Although Moore claimed that Apple could never explain the app’s weird behavior, the company did have something to say after all.

As an explanation, it described how an iMessage is basically very different from a run-of-the-mill cell phone text. It talked about the difference of the working systems (almost stressing on how Apple is so very great). As for the stuck messages, the company went on to explain how an iMessage, when directed to a non-iOS user, has a hard time searching for its way, as it’s still looking for the inactive, old address. And how childish does this sound?

After such a blah-blah of an explanation, Apple even went on to ‘solve’ people’s problems. Or at least on ‘trying to solve’ people’s problems, rather.

Amusingly, the company actually asked non-iOS users to DE-REGISTER their numbers from the iMessage app so that other iOS users aren’t encouraged to send a message at all (Can you believe it?). And, hilariously, in response to a message from one user, Apple had nothing, but to say this – “Can you try deleting the contact from your new iPhone and re-adding it?” What had come after from the poor user was epic – “I can’t tell everyone I know to delete and re-add me as a contact.”

At present, the company has no answer to how to fix the problem. And on top of that, it’s facing a lawsuit for the same now. So much is the sin done that there’s no forgiving it anymore.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 13th of November, 2014.


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