Esolz Technologies is an innovative company offering IT services for global clients which is driven by creativity and state of the art technology.

  • Infrastructure

    Our 10,000 sq ft located in the main IT sector of the city is 7 star rated by Crisil, we have a state of the art infrastructure for development and recreation.

  • Resources

    Our proficient team are chosen very carefully, who come from the best institutions. This helps us to make sure they are top-notch in their respective fields. After their recruitment, they undergo training from our internal training team, who are deployed to polish their skills  with the latest market standards. This will ensure that you are in safe hands.

  • Partner, not provider

    Think of us as partners, where we take care of all your technical needs, in return we get a share of what you make. Obviously, we work on project basis too but there too we love contributing to your growth.

  • Data Security

    We provide our clients with the assurance that their projects will remain safe. Our infrastructure and security system all the work procedure are done under complete security. We sign Non Disclosure Agreements with our clients which includes all the terms and conditions in details.

  • Clarity

    We focus on what we are good at, not trying to be jack of all trades we try to concentrate on solutions we can deliver. Clarity is the first thing you will notice about us.

  • Quality Control

    For every project that we undertake, we ensure that our QA team follows the guidelines which needs to be fulfilled before the delivery of the products, so that they meet the current market standards. If all the things matches with the checklist, then we are ensured of the fact the delivery of the product will be full proof and without any glitches. If any issue remains, we ensure that it is ironed out.

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We provide our clients with the best IT solutions using the latest tools and tehnologies in the market.With our efficient pool of talent, we can guarantee our clients with superior quality work that will provide them assured results. Our work will ensure that your business gets productive and also generates profits. Having 11+ years of experience we offer our clients with tailored solutions to meet their specific business requirements.