Open source software development

A Sneak Peek into the Process of Open Source Software Development

Technology has been witnessing unpredictable changes, which make it possible for the open source software developers to integrate advancements in the development process. This write-up will help you expand your knowledge in this regard.

In this age of science, technology has embraced almost every sphere of our lives. There is no such field, which is yet untouched by the magic wand of technology. The advancement in technology has made everything easy for us, and even open source software development process has got benefited profoundly. For last 10 years, Open Source software has drawn a great deal of popularity from all across the world. Truckloads of software, naming, GHU Linux, Mozilla Web Browser, Apache web server have kept advancing and getting phenomenal success among the modern software users.

Owing to the expansion of Internet, the amount of free and open source software are increasing by leaps and bounds. Presently, the industry is thronging with at least thousands of such software projects. Besides adopting different open source distributions, people are also participating in the general movement by contributing their own modifications. However, this is relatively a different approach for developing a software, where legions of people will work on it minus any apparent central plan or conventional mechanism of coordination. The professional Open Source Software developers have provided systems with a functionality, which is competitive with similar proprietary software produced by the commercial software companies. From past years, software development has been undergoing some major changes. From being a closed software development process, it is heading towards becoming a community-driven open source software development process.

Here, in the following excerpt, we have included a step-by-step guideline on developing open source software, which can give you enough opportunities to speed up the software development process.

Open Source Software Development Process:-

An open source software development process commences with the personal need of a developer, who owns a vision to devise solutions for his/her unmet necessities. The next discussion revolves around the possible solutions of producing code base. This code is generally kept available to others that grab the attention of other user-developers and also encourage them to contribute to the project in a way that the initial project community is formed and the development process moves further.

Anybody might contribute to developing the system and building Open Source Community to provide administration for the project. The initial community of those, who are interested, begins to exchange their knowledge on the particular topic and also starts working on the issue until they get some satisfactory result. Their works are made publically available at a place where many people can successfully access it. The projects might be announced at different places such as newsgroups, mailing lists or online news services. Other people recognize a few of their own concerns in the particular project and show interest in a more convenient solution. Therefore, the project result is reviewed by them. Weighed from different perspectives, often, the issue is suggested to undergo some further improvements. These professionals, known as co-developers, help in rapid code improvement and effective debugging.

With the project growing by leaps and bounds, more people get attached to it, and a plenty of feedbacks are also included for a better understanding of the issues. New information, as well as resources, are integrated into the research procedure. This way, the solution succeeds in addressing the issues more effectively.

A post by Tania Ghosh. 04th Apr, 2017.


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