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A Quick Peek at InstiWork – The Latest Mobile App Developed by Esolz

There’s no denying the fact that we have reached to an era, where, “mobile is the future and there is no such thing as communication overload”. The unprecedented advancement in mobile technology has transformed the way of Internet marketing. With consumers swiftly switching to different handheld devices for accessing information, the importance of mobile app development services is reaching the zenith. The percentage of mobile users is escalating so fast, that it has encouraged the entrepreneurs to promote their brands through powerful applications like Android apps and iOS apps, especially when they are dealing with a highly interactive online presence engaging a complex series of data. Tapping into this trend, Esolz Technologies has successfully forayed into customized and effective mobile app development services. It entails a lot of knowledge and proficiency to cause a ripple in the competitive field of mobile application development, and by winning every challenge team Esolz has always kept abreast with its competitors.

The mobile app solutions provided by Esolz Technologies are armed with efficient UI designs to ensure a hassle-free navigation and device compatibility. Over the past few years, Esolz Technologies has churned out legions of mobile applications for its customers hailing from different parts of the globe. Among a bunch of mobile apps, earning a deluge of accolades, InstiWork has caused quite a stir. Here in this blog, we are presenting a brief discussion on InstiWork. Please tune in to know more –

A quick peek at InstiWork:

Being an on-demand service application, InstiWork enables users to share posts on household jobs. Also, the users can post contractors to bid on those jobs within 25 miles radius of their respective locations. These days, the conventional 9-to-5 jobs are increasingly losing their grounds, thanks to the escalating popularity of household jobs. With InstiWork, now accessing information on different household jobs has become all roses. Also, the user of this GPS-based app can be a customer and a contractor at the same time.

How does it work?

InstiWork uses GPS location to post and find jobs. Being an absolute portal, it can help connect people looking for jobs around their residences. After installing InstiWork, you need to open the application and create an account using your email and contact information. Once the account is created, you can post a job. You can use your Facebook account as well to register and login.The best thing about InstiWork is that it’s absolutely free.

Steer clear of all doubts with user reviews:

Well, you can check out the users’ reviews to dive into the in-depth details of this app. The efficacy of customer testimonials has always been extremely useful in leading to the right decisions. So, don’t miss out on the customer reviews before narrowing down InstiWork.

A quick wrap-up:

This blog definitely spells a prospective read for the readers looking to grab relevant information on InstiWork. Don’t hang back from installing InstiWork, if you are really smitten by its usabilities and functionalities.

Download the app:

For ios
For Android

A post by Tania Ghosh. 19th Apr, 2017.


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