A New Mobile Browser For Android From The Stable Of Adblock Plus

After a two-year hiatus Adblock Plus, has figured out an approach to return to the mainstream, after it was kicked out of Google Play in 2013 for interfering with the functionality of other apps.

Now the company behind Adblock Plus, has decided to build its own mobile browser on Firefox for Android devices that will come with an inbuilt ad-blocking technology. The new application came to the forefront after the company’s first Android app was removed by Google from the Google Play store.

Desktop users have sworn the fact that Adblock Plus (ABP), is the most efficient browser extension that is used for hiding web ads, and now the service is finally paving its path by entering the mobile space.

Adblock Plus already has a Firefox for Android add-on, although it requires installing two apps separately and setting them up. The company also offers an Android app that blocks the in-app ads, but it only works on Wi-Fi connection and needs to be loaded side by side and hooked up to a proxy.

In The News

On the 20th of this month, the company behind the most popular ad-blocking browser extension Adblock Plus released the much awaited Adblock Browser for Android. Adblock Browser is basically built on open-source Firefox’s Android version with ABP baked in. It would offer stability and a sense of familiarity, and can also block the ads by default. Developers have said that they will keep up with the latest updates, as soon as Firefox developer Mozilla releases updates.

Be that as it may, with the most recent solution that is being offered by Adblock, users will not have to install the add-ons separately, which involved downloading multiple apps, as their browser will block the ads automatically as they will be surfing the net.

How The Scenario Is Going To Change ?
Users might remember that Adblock Plus was available for the users in the form of an extension and it was only able to block ads which was delivered over unencrypted HTTP connections. This extension was completely useless, when the user used a secure HTTPS sites for browsing the web.

The look and feel of the Adblock Browser for Android is just the same as Firefox’s mobile browser, but it can change in the future. One important fact, that the users should keep a note off is the browser will not allow to enable add-ons or Firefox’s Sync feature.

By default, the new browser will only display ads from ABP’s whitelisted providers. Although users can opt to block all ads if they want .

What’s So Big About It?
Adblock Plus is the most effective device for blocking irritating advertisements on the desktop. However, it hasn’t had much accomplished in the mobile coliseum. A browser with built-in anti-ad tech from the “name brand” Adblock ought to be better gotten. Indeed, there’s a decent chance, that ABP’s browser will make it to iOS one day as Apple as of now allows ad-blocking browsers in the App Store.

More Than Just An End To Ads:
Adblock has remarked that they see their application as more than only a device for convenience, but additionally as an approach to enhance the versatile web experience.

The Adblock Browser is going to contain four main features. Just have a look at them –

  • Automatic Ad Blocking. It would work in the same way as it works on the desktop.
  • It would also allow the web pages to load quicker and faster. It would also help the users to get an increased battery life of their device and also help them in lowering the data usage.
  • Reducing the risk of malware that hide behinds the ad or mobile advertising.
  • Take complete control by defining what kind of ads are going to be displayed.
  • Currently, Adblock Browser 1.0 for Android is in beta status. This means it isn’t available yet through Google Play, but any Android users can get their hands on the app which is still in its beta version. For this, users will have to join the Adblock Plus Browser Google + community page and follow the instructions to download it.

    Alternatively, ABP will also allow users to download the browser directly from its site with the help of the QR code that is posted on Google+. You will have to make sure that your Android device allows third-party app installations, before you can get the non-play version of the browser to work.

    The browser is expected to exit beta status around July or August with tracking and malware protection feature.

    According to a statement released by the company, basic ad blocking is just the preliminary step for the new Firefox- based browser. They have “big plans for the future” which includes a more customized user interface (UI), along with a more flexible and easier ad blocking configuration.

    Summing It Up
    The goal of Adblock Browser is very straightforward, i.e., to allow the user with the same features that they currently can do with Adblock Plus on their desktop. From blocking ads to reducing bandwidth consumption, saving on battery life, and many more features.

    Apart from Android, the company is considering expanding the browser to other platforms, although it hasn’t made any commitments yet.

    A post by Soumi Biswas. 28th May, 2015.


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