A New App Approval Process For Android App Developers Introduced By Google

Google has rolled out an app approval process for Android developers who wish to publish their mobile apps on Google Play, Google’s marketplace for Android applications.

Previously, Google didn’t have any approval process for the developers to get their new apps published on the platform.This system has helped Google to reach out to more than one million apps on Play Store. The developers could immediately publish their mobile applications without having the need to go through a lengthy review process. Google only initiates a review of only those specific app, which are reported by the users to violate the policies, by putting the app under strict scrutiny by a team of manual reviewers.

Huge number of apps in the Google Play Store have unverified credentials which can slow down the phone or make your device prone to malware attack. Of late, Google is trying to improve the quality of the apps available on the store, by removing the harmful malware.

Utnbeknownst to developers, the approval process by manually reviewing it, has already been in place for several months now. It should not sound like a not-so-subtle dig at Apple, that’s because Apple is Google’s arch rival who is known for having a rather lengthy process of approval for the apps.

So, it sounds like a warning bell for the developers – Be ready to get your app reviewed before it is published on the store.

Developers always have the lurking fear of their app being rejected, whenever any changes takes place in the rules of Google. But, they need not worry if they try to publish good quality apps, it will not be rejected. Only those of inferior quality and filled with malware will be rejected.

Points Which Developers Should Consider For Making Apps:

Knowing About It – The New-Age Based Rating System

Google announced a rollout of a new-age based ratings systems for games and apps on its Google Play Store.

As the rating systems vary by region, Google has worked on this implementation with the help of the IARC and its participating bodies. In other words, the ratings will be based on standards which has been set by the international organizations like the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).

The ratings will be provided by the official rating authorities like the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in the USA, Classification Board in Australia, and Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) in Europe. Countries which are not having any such organization will display age-based, generic ratings for apps.

Ratings of the apps on Google were to some degree risky on the grounds that, the developers had the capacity to dole out them without anyone else’s input. With the new-age-based ratings, developers can’t override the rating without backpedaling and taking the survey/ questionnaire and by answering them. Google also said that, it will survey the ratings or evaluations that is being delivered by the new process, as well, to verify the fact that the developers aren’t attempting to lie to change their app or game’s ratings.


Developers will be required to submit a questionnaire for all new and existing apps, so that, it becomes easy for Google to designate each app with a relevant rating. The questionnaires will be on their apps.

On the existing apps, if the developers do not complete the questionnaire, then that app will be marked as unrated on the Google Play Store. Starting in May, all new apps and updates on older apps which are to be submitted on the Play Store will require to have a completed questionnaire, before being published on the Play Store.

This new system will allow the developers to view their app’s publication status in details. They can easily learn why their app has been rejected or suspended. However, it is still not clear, how this questionnaire will have an impact the approval of an app, other than its age rating. We will have to wait for few more weeks to see the results.

Android app developers will now have to wait for the apps to be approved by Google, after they submit it at the Google Play Store.

A post by Soumi Biswas. 22th May, 2015.


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