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A Brief Overview of Sarasota Memorial App Created by Esolz Technologies

The roaring success of Internet has given rise to legions of hand-held gizmos that have become a hyperactive way of modern life. As per the statistics, almost one-third of the world’s entire population are using the Internet today, and about 40% of the Internet users own smartphones. A smartphone is hard to imagine without a useful mobile app. Tapping into the trend, Esolz Technologies has offered legions of mobile apps tailored to scale up your business. Since “mobile is the future”, our team has geared up to create an inviolable E-impression with top-notch mobile app solutions. Over the years, we have provided the best mobile application development services to our clients across the world, and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System’s iPhone app has definitely stood out among them.

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It is a unified mobile app that provides the users with a dynamic listing of the physicians, services, and locations of Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. Offering an easy-to-search option, it engages users with a seamless experience. With this app, a user can easily search physicians based on geographic location, specialties, and keywords. The information can also be stored as ‘favorite’ for easy lookups. One of the best things about this well-structured app is that each of the health-care services of Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is listed alphabetically, displaying formatted descriptions and information when tapped.

Health hazards can step in your life at any moment and any place. The complication can further intensify if proper medical care is not taken in a timely manner. This is where the Sarasota Memoria comes into play, as it offers a dynamic map where all the Sarasota Memorial Health Care facilities are nicely pinned on. Regardless to say, the advantages of this map are paramount, as it helps the users find the urgent health care centers, emergency rooms or any other nearby SMH location in a jiffy.

GPS navigations can be used to direct the users to ant facility or physician in the system. Also, this app uses the built-in-geo-locating functions of an iPhone in order to assist the users, once they arrive at the main campus of Sarasota Memorial Health Care, or are visiting any of their facilities.

This app uses rich analytical features, helping to gather information and track and report actively. All user data is kept discreet or anonymous. The statistical information is only used to analyze the process of utilizing this application, which can aid factor application enhancements for the purpose of improving both functionalities and usabilities.

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A post by Tania Ghosh. 12th Apr, 2017.


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