Accelerated Mobile Pages.

6 SEO Benefits Of Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is AMP?
Accelerated mobile pages is mainly an open- source coding standard for publishers.It has a major goal, faster mobile websites.It has also coding language like HTML and AMP by restricting code to increase speed and reliability.This project has become very popular in a very short span of time and has got support from the technology, publishers, providers and developers from all over including BBC, twitter, NEWS CORP.

One cannot initially differentiate from the page unless they have clicked on the AMP or on the search list or knows what to search.The speed of loading which is rapid and would also prove that there is something unique about this page.AMP pages also have had many elements and allow the page to load up faster than other nonAMP pages.

The SEO services site and how it would look with AMP is just amazing.
The sites that will benefit more from AMP are the publishing sites.Mainly sites that publish content. One can actually make the blog section or news and updates section into AMP. If the user is trying to open an article from the native mobile app. The user would notice that pages are not loading faster if a site is using AMP then it would load faster even with the native browsers. The AMP pages will offer best user experience, it can also have huge benefits to your marketing and SEO.Here are the reasons:

The increase of rankings in websites:
When website pages developed with AMP offers great user experiences where the page load speed increases in faster level.In fact, through researches, it has been found that mobile users always abandon such websites which takes much time to load. The businesses that develop AMP would not get excellent experience but would also increase conversions in business.

Amp offers mobile friendliness and visibility:
Amp also offers improved search engine rankings.It offers mobile friendliness and the page load speed times are actually well-known ranking factors.AMP also improves the page loading and also mobile friendliness.In fact, websites that are developed with AMP gives a smooth experience than unresponsive sites.

Amp reduces bounce rates:
The readers would not stay at your site for longer, but it would help to reduce your bounce rate.This might not be the most important SEO ranking factor but low bounce rates are mainly helpful for the audiences to find something helpful.

AMP supports ADS:
Search results would mainly display the AMP symbols.The inclusion of this symbol also improves the search results.Users would also look for AMP pages that mainly offer faster loading times.In fact, google SERPs have also started showing the AMP content within the carousels which boosts traffics for the search terms mainly related to the content in AMP page.

AMP improves ROI:
AMP also supports technologies, networks, and formats.The aim is to offer the ads that are fast and the content should be good and should give the good experience to the viewers.This should also help the advertisers and also improve ROI.

AMP acts as a tracker:
The AMP actually tracks visitor behavior on websites has greatly increased in the recent times.The publishers can mainly select the tags which would track visitor data such visitor counts, video, link tracking.


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