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5 Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Site to Make It Mobile Friendly?

In the digital age when you own a website, it means that people on the mobile devices can find and browse your site. It also makes sure that the users are happy with the services they have got.

In today’s time a mobile friendly web design is an absolute must and redesigning a website can be a big cost and redesign also have advantages to your company . Here are the 5 reasons,why you need to redesign your website.

1.Need to make the website mobile friendly and responsive :
People now browse the internet using different platforms like desktops , smartphones, and laptops. If your website is not mobile – friendly then there are chances that the users would switch on to other websites. But with the responsive website it would reach out to more audiences.It should be user – friendly ,adaptable and should also enhance SEO.

2.Connect with the users:
People nowadays spend their time on the social sites , Sharing is a common tool used by browsers when they like a content and hence posting relevant topics,links on the internet would help the users to connect with one another.

3.Website to be fully optimized for the SEO :
SEO usually increases the online visibility to the websites.Having the website on the top of the page would also compel the browsers to check the page.

4.Increase of other features and functionality :
Adding a blog to the site would also make the website more user – friendly.Users would also feel engaged if there is a user – login which would make them to comment and share the content.

5. Need for the changes for a better website :
Browsers might find your website a bit boring and probably it needs a few changes to the website like a look and the design . In such cases, developers should use tools which would increase the flat user interface,scrolling, and others.

A post by Poonam Chatterjee. 27th Sep, 2016.


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